World Car Free Days 2014 Ten-Minute Outreach Survey
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2013 CFD Status
Event Name/Title
2013 Dates
What kind of CFD? **
Planning a Low-Car Diet Event?
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2. Further background
( as your time & interest permits)
Year first CFD in your city
CFD status in your city
Is a Car-Free Day a . . .
Who makes it work?
(Multiple choice)
1. Ad hoc citizen group/team
2. Above all one dedicated person. (Tell us who in Comments?)
3. Local government, mayor's office
4. Technical services concerned (police, traffic, communications)
5. Transport action groups (PT users, Walkers, Bikers, etc.)
6. Transporters (Bus, taxis, truckers/delivery services)
7. Local media
8. Merchants/business associations
9. Employers
10. Banks, financial institutions
11. Schools/universities
12. Churches, faith groups
13. Scouts, sporting groups
14. Political organization
15. Public interest groups
16. National or regional government
17. International organization
18. Foundation/other source of financial support (in Comments?)
19. Specific CFD support group, national, other (Identify?)
20. Nobody
Preconditions for success?
(Multiple choice)
1. Organizers know the terrain via local knowledge
2. Event has to be city-wide
3. Small local car closures can be good start
4. Must have active local government support
5. Needs national support to succeed
6. Must be seen as convivial to convince
7. Technical competence in planning is critical
8. Supported by multiple good side events
9. Bring in local commerce as active partners
10. Must have a children's/schools program
11. Must be flexible and opportunistic
13. And to communicate and gently convince to try
14. Staying power (year after year) is critical
15. Detailed _independent_ post-study with open results
16. Followed by independent recommendations for follow-up
17. Must be able to demonstrate positive impacts on city
18. Respected international support would help
19. All C/FDs must take place on same day
20. Day should link to local traditions, opportunities
Why are CFDs not making
the needed impacts?
(Multiple choice)
1. Folks here simply too attached to their cars
2. Our local land-use structure not appropriate to C/FDs
3. People here fail to grasp the importance of sustainability
4. Big oil/car industry opposition effectively blocks projects
5. Core activist group too small/isolated
6. Need more money and support
7. Need better information on organization
8. Local outreach program does not reach enough people
9. Media not helpful (enough)
10. Local government insufficiently committed to success
11. Inadequate planning to deal with eventual problems
12. National government does not seem to really care
13. Public and other rhetoric not matched by concrete actions
14. Treated by politicos as a cheap media opportunity
15. Local commerce/shopkeepers strongly oppose
16. Inadequate continuity of interest and support from govt.
17. Contact with successful C/FD projects would be useful
Best CFDs you know of
(By city name & URL if known)
Best CFD reference website
Time needed to prepare a CFD
3. About you Your name
Where do you live (Select)
Main means of local transport:
Work/economic situation?
Are you willing to participate?
How did you hear about WCFD?
How useful is WC/FD for you
What can WCFD do to help 1. Keep on going as is
2. Provide international media support for your Day
3. Critique, advise on your CFD plans
4. Support CFD conferences, events
5. Provide independent annual shot list of outstanding projects
6. Create high profile international awards programs
7. International peer support campaign for your project
8. Re-activate international cooperation with UN
9. Organize expert teams to provide independent counsel
10. Organize group research projects (Example: OECD report)
11. Continue/fine-tune WC/FD News Alerts
12. Improve web site (How? note in Comments)
13. Seek out funding to support deserving projects
14. Testify to support projects, programs
15. Turn over WC/FD management to a public sector agency
16. Turn over to private sector sponsor
17. Close down operations and go fishing
18. Other (See Recommendations)
Comments on concept
or earlier CFD events
you know about
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Recommendations for success
- Both locally and generally
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