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  Posted On: March 22, 2017 09:14:26 AM

 Name: Peter noyce
 Address: Peter.w.noyce@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: I was at the school in 1967 Britannia class. I would like to hear from any ex sailors.
 Ex PWSTS?: Britannia 1967
  Posted On: March 21, 2017 04:55:32 PM

 Name: Crystal Canterbury
 Address: crystalcurrentlee@yahoo.com
 Comments/Message: Thanks to Mr. Michael Westhead I learned about the PWSTS. The photos you have posted here and on Facebook are wonderful - thank you for having those available. If I'm ever able to return to Great Britain I hope to pay you all a visit. What a fascinating and important piece of history. I'm going to go explore the site some more! Hope you all are having a nice week!
  Posted On: January 07, 2017 08:39:11 PM

 Name: Emily
 Address: emilymaycarr@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: Hello, I am the granddaughter of Gordon Strachan (born 1936) - he has recently passed (12/16) and I am looking for any pictures or memories that anyone could send me. I am also hoping somelne could tell me the colours of the Ingham Sea School so that we can include them in his flower bouquet. He was in the PWSTS in the 40s, if anyone could email me andything at all with regards to Gordon Strachan, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Emily at emilymaycarr@gmail.com
 Ex PWSTS?: No
  Posted On: November 26, 2016 10:29:29 AM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: vindirebel@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: May I, on behalf of myself and all members of our Independent Vindicatrix of East Kent wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year. Best wishes,
Phil Hughes, (Secretary).
 Ex PWSTS?: No
  Posted On: November 22, 2016 04:36:54 PM

 Name: John Harman
 Address: jwharman12@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: Happy days great school
 Ex PWSTS?: Britannia 1971
  Posted On: September 18, 2016 04:55:22 PM

 Name: Mike Cobb
 Address: mcobca@shaw.ca
 Comments/Message: Looking for some Old Timers who want to chat about their careers
 Ex PWSTS?: 1954 Dover
  Posted On: August 14, 2016 08:57:10 PM

 Name: Michael Barrett
 Address: mickyb71@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: I am writing to imform you at the PWSTS that my father in law James Connell has crossed the bar. formerly of Glasgow(Govern) but was residing in Donegal Ireland for the last 25 yrs. Jim as he was known attended Dover in 1955 and there is a picture of him swinging from a flagpole on page 16 of the photo's. Jim left us on tuesday july 12th. His family asked me to imform you of this and would appreciate it if you mentioned it on the website so fellow sailors who james knew could see.
Kind Regards
Michael Barrett(son in law)
 Ex PWSTS?: James Connell
  Posted On: June 05, 2016 07:10:17 PM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: vindirebel@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: I understand that the poem "Heroes" will be placed upon your website and I hope you get the same reaction from it as hundreds of other seafarers have who have heard it recited. The author David Partridge is a 1956 trainee of the "Vindicatrix" training ship and he hopes to travel from Australia this year to attend the M.N. Day parade / service. If we do meet I hope to be able to introduce him to Andy Gale on the day.
Phil Hughes,
 Ex PWSTS?: No
  Posted On: November 30, 2015 02:51:07 PM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: vindirebel@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: As Christmas approaches once again may I, on behalf of myself and my members, wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy & Healthy New Year and time to reflect on "Absent Friends".
Phil Hughes, (Secretary),
Independent Vindicatrix of East Kent.
 Ex PWSTS?: No
  Posted On: October 26, 2015 10:55:25 AM

 Name: Stephen John Cloke
 Address: httm_cell@hotmail.com
 Comments/Message: I attended The Prince Of Wales Sea Training School Ingham Sept 50 to mar 51 If anyone also attended this time would like to hear from you
 Ex PWSTS?: Stephen john Cloke
  Posted On: April 15, 2015 08:40:22 PM

 Name: A mills
 Address: eang55@btinternet.com
 Comments/Message: Could not see the youth of today surviving there.It certainly did the job of preparing you for sea,cannot believe how as a fifthteen year old you survived,we were tougher than we knew
 Ex PWSTS?: Grenville 1970
  Posted On: February 12, 2015 05:11:52 AM

 Name: Victoria Smith
 Address: victoriasmith59@icloud.com
 Comments/Message: I am the granddaughter of William Victor Smith, who was an Officer Instructor at PWSTS Dover. I found this site while looking for information about my granddad, and it makes me so proud to know what he did and that he's mentioned on this site. Thank you very much!
 Ex PWSTS?: No.
  Posted On: February 08, 2015 09:51:10 AM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: vindirebel@gmail.com
 Comments/Message: As the Secretary / Standard Bearer for the Ind; Vindicatrix of East Kent may I say what a pleasure it was to be introduced to your new Standard Bearer Mike Westhead by Roger Head at Folkestone yesterday for the "Samuel Plimsoll" commemoration event. I hope to meet him many times in the future at other events as I've got used to having Roger around for a number of years now.
Best wishes,
Phil Hughes, Ind; Vindicatrix of East Kent.
 Ex PWSTS?: No.
  Posted On: June 03, 2014 11:24:10 PM

 Name: David Barnacle
 Address: rosebudcottage@hotmail.com
 Comments/Message: I remember Gym work, long runs and Saturday and Sunday afternoons free to go into Dover. In all a memorable time of my life for all the good reasons.
 Ex PWSTS?: Falcon 1970
  Posted On: February 05, 2014 03:28:15 PM

 Name: Richard M GRAY
 Address: perisamablue@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Best days ever
 Ex PWSTS?: Britannia 1964
  Posted On: December 01, 2013 02:21:12 PM

 Name: tony fox
 Address: pink.vera@btinternet.com
 Comments/Message: 1-12-13,Christmas is not far away,so I would like to wish you all a,Very Happy Christmas,and a Peacefull New Year.
 Ex PWSTS?: Hesperus Nov 62
  Posted On: November 25, 2013 02:08:37 PM

 Name: W CHUBB
 Address: william.chubb@mypostoffice.co.uk
 Comments/Message: would like some information-next to some class names were in brackets the letters (SAM)what does this stand for
 Ex PWSTS?: Derwent class 1965
  Posted On: January 07, 2013 08:19:43 PM

 Name: Richard O'Driscoll
 Address: Rodrscl@ol.com
 Comments/Message: My father Michael O 'Driscoll b1920 from Kinsale Co Cork attended PWSTS before WWII and he is till alive and living in Kinsale. If anyone has any information or photographs , records or stories I'd ole to pass them on
  Posted On: December 08, 2012 06:32:30 AM

 Name: Capt. Michael Cobb
 Address: mcobca@shaw.ca
 Comments/Message: The best Start for my career journey, the skills learnt used throughout my marine and home environments.
 Ex PWSTS?: 1954
  Posted On: December 02, 2012 12:01:57 PM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: philip@vindi.fsnet.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Christmas will soon be upon us all again so may I, on behalf of all members of the Independent Vindicatrix of East Kent, wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy 2013 and spare a thought for absent friends.
Phil Hughes (Secretary)
Independent Vindicatrix of East Kent.
  Posted On: April 07, 2012 12:56:06 PM

 Name: tony fox
 Address: fox.home@ntlworld.com
 Comments/Message: HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL,Hesprus nov 1962
  Posted On: January 18, 2012 11:58:25 AM

 Name: Anthony Humphrys
 Address: anthony@ahumphrys.wanadoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Just an update from a previous entry, I still hold very fond memories of the P.W.S.T.S. In a way I wish that I was dtill there, I was in the Grenville class of "67" and would like to hear from any other lads that was in the same class. when I left the school, I joined the B.P Tanker company of which my first ship was the British Lantern, after that sailing on many more. Although the training waas tough at the time it did put us all in good strength for coping with life at sea. I would like to express my thanks to all the staff, past and present for their excellent teaching skills which rubbed onto us so well.Thanks a bunch and god bless you all.
  Posted On: December 17, 2011 04:13:09 PM

 Name: tony fox
 Address: fox.home@ntlworld.com
 Comments/Message: HAPPY XMAS & A PEACEFUL NEW YEAR TO ALL,Tony Fox,Hesperus,november 1962.
  Posted On: November 25, 2011 01:12:31 PM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: philip@vindi.fsnet.co.uk
 Comments/Message: The season of goodwill will soon be upon us again and we will remember absent friends. May I, on behalf of myself and all members of the Independent Vindicatrix of East Kent, wish you and your members a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.
Phil Hughes, (Secretary).
  Posted On: September 11, 2011 05:50:45 PM

 Name: Roy Butler Jnr
 Address: roybutler5@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: My Dad Roy Horace Butler was at the prince of Wales Sea Training school in 1956 he was in Hesperus class.what a wonderful surprise to find him in the class photograph for that year he sadly passed away in July 2003, he often talked about his time at PWSTS.
  Posted On: September 06, 2011 10:47:09 AM

 Name: Bryan Nicol
 Address: bryannicol@ymail.com
  Posted On: November 27, 2010 07:56:20 PM

 Name: Phil Hughes
 Address: philip@vindi.fsnet.co.uk
 Comments/Message: On behalf of all members of the Independent Vindicatrix of East Kent, may we wish all POWSTS members a very merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. We will also remember absent friends at this time.
Phil Hughes, (Secretary).
  Posted On: November 17, 2010 12:08:43 PM

 Name: Michael (Mick) Westhead
 Address: michael.ww@live.co.uk
 Comments/Message: The photo titled "Christmas" on page 10 of the picture section was taken at Christmas 1961.
That's me at the back,standing to the right of Mr Hough in front of the honours board.
Thoroughly enjoyed my time at PWSTS and at sea and don't regret one minute of it, (except maybe running up Borstal Hill every morning!).
Left PWSTS to join Port Victor as a deck boy, coasting around Europe/UK then deep sea to Oz. Mid 62 joined Buries Markes of London as Deck Apprentice. Left after 4 years to save enough to self-finance 3rd Mates ticket, never made it, still trying, but another life took over.
Very grateful for all those lessons learned, sights seen, experiences good and bad that happened in those years. Thanks to PWSTS. Thanks to all those along the way.
  Posted On: November 05, 2010 10:33:38 AM

 Name: Andrew Burrell
 Address: andrew.burrell@aibel.com
  Posted On: October 31, 2010 01:27:48 AM

 Name: stanlet james baldry
 Address: stanb49@aanet.com.au
 Comments/Message: time of my life best thing i ever did in my life
  Posted On: October 24, 2010 02:55:22 PM

 Name: hector mackayh
 Address: hector.mackay1@btopenworld.com
 Comments/Message: wish i was still there
  Posted On: September 20, 2010 09:35:17 AM

 Address: sidney.catt@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: I have scanned the photos of pwsts old boys. There does not seem to be any photos covering my period at pwsts.Why ? Please check this out for me.Thankyou
  Posted On: September 07, 2010 04:34:58 PM

 Name: Michael Laycock
 Address: michaelbluestar@aol.com
 Comments/Message: Remember my time at the school good times (but not at the time!) those early mornings!! went on to sail with Shaw Savill line 1st ship "Ionic".
  Posted On: July 11, 2010 06:20:48 PM

 Name: Heidi Watkins
 Address: watkins.heidi@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Trying to find out if My Late Dad was at P.W.S.T.S.

His Name was John Glyndwr Watkins from Newhaven East Sussex his MN no. is R707328.
I always thought did not go to this School . but a close Friend said he did. can any one help.
  Posted On: June 09, 2010 02:06:57 PM

 Name: tony crane
 Address: tony.crane@live.co.uk
  Posted On: May 04, 2010 04:44:28 PM

 Address: josephheaney8@googlemail.com
 Comments/Message: A short time spent there gave me a good grounding for life and while I am now 72 I have very fond memories and I very much enjoy browsing the wonderful website.
  Posted On: March 21, 2010 10:49:03 PM

 Name: wayne thomas
 Address: waynethomas360@hotmail.com
 Comments/Message: had a great time there met some good mates that i wish i kept in touch with
  Posted On: December 11, 2009 11:48:25 AM

 Name: Helen Carter
 Address: pophice@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Does anyone remember my father,please email me if you have any information about him or pics,many thanks,Helen
  Posted On: October 07, 2009 11:58:05 AM

 Name: graham gillett
 Address: graylyn@xtra.co.nz
 Comments/Message: Fond memories, great comradeship, an institutional experience that set many of us on great working careers.
Many Thanks
  Posted On: September 03, 2009 05:01:40 PM

 Name: allan kindness
 Address: glendaruel~ialktalk.net
 Comments/Message: Agood training for adult life
  Posted On: August 26, 2009 11:26:32 AM

 Name: tonydonovan
 Address: anthonydonovan@talktalk.net
 Comments/Message: some of my happiest days spent at this school
  Posted On: August 04, 2009 07:45:56 PM

 Name: Keith Smith
 Address: ktlusk@o2.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Yes some good memories of the training and of old friends.
  Posted On: May 31, 2009 02:18:46 PM

 Name: Lionel Turner
 Address: lcturner@supanet.com
 Comments/Message: Enjoyed every minute of it and ended up on a fine ship
  Posted On: May 02, 2009 05:39:50 PM

 Name: hector mackay
 Address: hector.mackay1@btopenworld.com
 Comments/Message: I had a great time there ,Charlie Porte the seaman ship manual and wrote inside from the Prince of Wales sts
  Posted On: February 24, 2009 12:50:40 AM

 Name: daniel flint
 Address: danielflint335@btinternet.com
 Comments/Message: this is just to update my email. just booked up to go to 2009 reunion at norwich
 Class: grenville
 Ships: p&o oraina.anco storm.bridgepool,british dragoon
  Posted On: February 05, 2009 07:02:08 PM

 Address: mrdaveshaftoe@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Unforgettable met some good lads and some bad ones sailed with a couple of them too the good ones that is.
 Class: Endeavour
 Ships: port launceston-port auckland-port new plymouth -port caroline - mv scythia - mv saxonia .Fun fun fun fun many great memories that shoresiders couldnt imagine
  Posted On: February 02, 2009 02:00:27 PM

 Name: Ian Boyd
 Address: ianboyd@telkomsa.net
 Comments/Message: Enjoyed my time there--a good grounding for the trials of life--
 Class: Hesperus
 Ships: Port Wyndham
  Posted On: December 30, 2008 05:37:43 PM

 Name: Mike Skeet
 Address: mikeskeet@tiscali.co.uk
 Comments/Message: As a young lad I was very eager to go to sea. Having had a very elementary education I was very pleased to join the P of W. I enjoyed my stay and applied myself to the training. I met some great lads and enjoyed all aspects of the training, especially seamanship and boatwork. The instuctors were firm but fair, especially Charlie Porte. It set me up for life !!
 Class: No
 Ships: Orion, 4 trips; Durango, JOS; Oregon Star, SOS; Paringa, EDH, 3 trips; Alsatia,AB; Cleveland,AB; Kelletia, AB; Eastwood. AB; St John.AB; Drackensberg Castle. AB; Port Fairy. QMAB; Port Wyndham.QMAB; Port Chalmers. QMAB; Halcience. 2nd Mate; Fulham V111. 2nd Mate(2yrs); Shell Welder, Shell Loader, 2nd Mate
  Posted On: December 28, 2008 02:37:07 PM

 Name: Dennis Earle
 Address: oceanpace@sky.com
 Comments/Message: Excellent Training great friends beats anything that I have ever experienced in my life.
 Class: Endevour
 Ships: Ruhine
  Posted On: December 14, 2008 07:49:44 PM

 Name: tony fox
 Address: fox.home@ntlworld.com
 Class: hesperus
  Posted On: October 22, 2008 10:40:12 AM

 Name: frank archibald
 Address: taniaandfrank@xtra.co.nz
 Comments/Message: great time there and set me up for my time at sea thanks to the staff there who were brilliant..
 Class: no
 Ships: Runic;Goodhope Castle, Doric , Dunedin Star Paraguay ,Arlanza Tasmania Star ,Arabic Port Pirie Alsatia,,Loch Garth ,Aragon ,,CienfuegosSt Essylt Runic
  Posted On: October 19, 2008 01:22:03 AM

 Name: graham j stokehill
 Address: gjsems@bigpond.com.au
 Comments/Message: wonderful memories of a great experience. mr.painter was the skipper in those days .we had a great cook i will allways remember her red current pies.i was very sad to hear of mr.ridgways tragic end it is a crying shame he is lying in an unmarked grave. i have a lot of photo,s of boys & staff of that era.
 Class: class of late 1948
 Ships: dunnottar castle-fort enterprise .largs bay ,shelldrake
  Posted On: October 17, 2008 09:34:58 PM

 Name: Aidan [Rory] Gallagher
 Address: aidanbill@myweb.com
 Comments/Message: miss those days.this my real email address
 Class: Cutty Sark
 Ships: Anco Princess
  Posted On: October 15, 2008 07:20:13 PM

 Name: Anthony John Parker
 Address: tony.parker@telenet.be
 Comments/Message: Best thing my Dad did was to allow me to go to the school, taught me a lot that i did not know about team work and comradeship.
 Class: Endeavour
 Ships: British Architct, Fern, Queen, Willow and Diplomat
  Posted On: October 08, 2008 09:37:47 AM

 Name: frank archibald
 Address: taniaandfrank@xtra.co.nz
 Comments/Message: great time at PWSTS really set me up for my future at sea and enjoyed eleven and a half years of it.best time of my life!!!!!!!
 Class: no names ????
 Ships: ss runic(2 years) SS&A LINE
  Posted On: September 25, 2008 07:43:00 PM

 Name: Aidan [Rory] Gallagher
 Address: jamesgallagher@myweb.com
 Comments/Message: miss those days.this is my real email address.
 Class: 1975
 Ships: Anco Princess
  Posted On: September 07, 2008 02:06:58 PM

 Name: wayne thomas
 Address: waynethomas360@hotmail.com
 Class: cutty sark
 Ships: bp tankers
  Posted On: July 23, 2008 09:27:30 AM

 Name: denis rane
 Address: deniserain114@aol.com
 Class: feb to aug
 Ships: mv coptic
  Posted On: July 03, 2008 09:41:06 PM

 Name: Robert Estdale
 Address: poppae@ cytanet.co.cy
 Comments/Message: Harsh but fair, being a local lad helped.
 Class: Endevour
 Ships: Rhodesia castle . Cotopaxi, Bamenda palm, Redstart. A few Shell Tankers, Ferries out Dover
  Posted On: June 25, 2008 08:55:27 PM

 Name: phillip roncone
 Address: philliproncone@btinternet.com
 Comments/Message: I am glad I went there
 Class: Britannia
 Ships: British Dragoon, British Kestrel, British Curlew and lots more I am still at sea
  Posted On: June 17, 2008 05:01:32 PM

 Name: Paul Hollingsworth
 Address: paulholli@googlemail.com
 Comments/Message: Very fond memories although at the time I thought that the regime was a little harsh,with hindsight it was all for our own good in preparing us for a life at sea.
 Class: Endeavour
 Ships: British Architect, British Lancer, British Poplar, British MerlinB, British Ivy, ritish Power, British Trust, British Hazel
  Posted On: May 28, 2008 07:42:04 PM

 Name: Terry Dalton
 Address: terence.dalton@ukonline.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Strict,well disciplined & a wake up call at the right time for me. Captain Vine was a fine leader and officer.
 Class: Derwent
 Ships: Br Architect, Commodore, Centaur, Trust, Kestrel
  Posted On: May 05, 2008 05:46:32 PM

 Name: george walker
 Address: georgewalker37@msn.com
 Comments/Message: the best time of my life
 Class: cutty sark
 Ships: to many to say ,but first ship was houlder bros joya mccance
  Posted On: April 12, 2008 11:20:44 PM

 Name: Martin knight
 Address: Martinjknight@hotmail.com
 Comments/Message: Great days. Would be nice to speak to old classmates again.
 Class: Grenville
 Ships: british lantern british grenadier british talent british patrol british
  Posted On: March 22, 2008 01:29:41 PM

 Name: dave Smithers
 Address: daves_pwsts@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Went in as a boy,Came out as a man
 Class: Hesperus
 Ships: SS Paparoa SS Oriana
  Posted On: March 05, 2008 07:51:59 PM

 Name: Jeff Randles
 Address: celtwitch@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Harsh discipline, always hungry, unpleasant instructor took a dislike to me.
 Class: Grenville
 Ships: Port Napier,Victor,St Lawrence plus many others
  Posted On: March 03, 2008 05:13:04 PM

 Name: Henry George Wells
 Address: George.wells2@tiscali.co.uk
 Comments/Message: The school at Limehouse was a
great place & I enjoyed my time there I was the Chief petty office & received the
Prince of Wales Certificate
 Class: Port Watch
 Ships: Joined the Capetown Castle
  Posted On: March 03, 2008 04:23:28 PM

 Name: Brian Kelly
 Address: bry@briankelly.freeserve.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Best days of my life, i look back on them with fondness
 Class: Britannia
 Ships: Gothic, (Shaw Saville) Hinakura, and a few more
  Posted On: March 02, 2008 04:45:31 PM

 Name: Brian Kelly
 Address: bry@briankelly.freeserve.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Best Days of my life
 Class: Britannia
 Ships: Gothic, Hinakura, Oriana, and more
  Posted On: March 02, 2008 04:08:02 PM

 Name: John Barker
 Address: speedtriplejohn@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Proud to have been there.
 Class: Cutty Sark
 Ships: British Merlin, British Trust, British Dragoon, British Mariner, British Progress, British Trent, Ocean Transport, Faraday, Cotinga, Pandor(18 months), RMAS Newton x 2.
  Posted On: February 29, 2008 01:36:32 AM

 Name: Terry Vaughan
 Address: tvaughan@xtra.co.nz
 Comments/Message: I enjoyed every minute at the PWSTS. It instilled the confidence I carried within me right up to the present day.
 Class: Derwent Sep - Dec
 Ships: Athenic, Devon, Waiwera, Rangitane, Turakina and many more.
  Posted On: February 26, 2008 10:23:10 PM

  Posted On: February 20, 2008 07:01:06 PM

 Address: vernonmorgan7@aol.com
 Comments/Message: sketchy memories but a great site 2 revive the grey matter.think i was last of a full school before closure,going to this school was one of the bestthings i ever done !
 Class: derwent ?
 Ships: houlder bros, cavendish,faraday,orenda bridge,nicol,
  Posted On: February 13, 2008 10:26:52 PM

 Name: Colin R. Winter
 Address: wintec@nytimes.com
 Comments/Message: PWSTS was my first adventure away from home at age 16. I enjoyed every minute of it and the experience and training I received there set the stage for other successful adventures during my life. I would classify my time at PWSTS as one of my most valuable and enjoyable experiences.
 Class: Derwent
 Ships: SS Orsova, SS Asprella
  Posted On: January 19, 2008 06:46:15 PM

 Name: stephen griggs
 Address: griggsboats@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: i have just found you.i have good memories of p.w.s.t.s.first time i met "charlie porte" was"any one smokes". i replyed yes, wrong to say.with hand out charli said with joy hand whem over.i was always getting the"cuts" for smoking.the early run out.the old gas iron for creasing.how old charlie could down a pint when out with us.i have a lot of fond memoreys of charlie, i think i kept him in "fags"while i was there. i left merchant navy after ten years. i took up coach driving all over the u.k and europe never looket back till i found out i had angina that put stop to my roaming
 Class: ??
 Ships: orion, brisbaine star, catalina star, athenic,ionic,wiewera,medic,rms amerzon and others
  Posted On: January 01, 2008 08:42:02 PM

 Name: Richard Lee
 Address: richard.f.lee@rogers.com
 Comments/Message: Great memories, those early morning runs were unforgettable. Marching to church on Sundays.
 Ships: Port Sydney, Port Townsville, Port Alma, Kenya Castle
  Posted On: December 29, 2007 10:54:05 PM

 Name: Brendan Griffiths
 Address: brebdan@
 Comments/Message: Enjoyed my time at the pwsts still in touch with fellow brummie Graham Terry anyone from 72 would love to hear from you
 Class: Endeavour
 Ships: Edinburgh Castle
  Posted On: December 27, 2007 08:31:41 PM

 Name: tom mccaffrey
 Address: tmcaffrey3@aol.com
 Comments/Message: good site
 Class: folcon
 Ships: ionic shaw savell
  Posted On: December 13, 2007 08:36:44 AM

 Name: jonathan barfoot
 Address: blondie44_nz@hotmail.com
 Comments/Message: great time especially fri, fish chip day, if u were a senior, and that soggy toast in the morn for breakfast,any one out there from this class great to here from u but now living in nz
 Class: ?
 Ships: Port Auckland -Port Alfred- Port caroline
  Posted On: December 06, 2007 01:58:44 PM

 Name: patrick harper
 Address: pat_harper_1943@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: a great start to a working life
 Ships: deep sea ,coasters fishing vessels 11 years under the greek flag
  Posted On: November 11, 2007 08:41:33 PM

 Name: nina clancy
 Address: ninaclancy@hotmail.co.uk
 Class: dont know
  Posted On: October 30, 2007 11:41:09 PM

 Name: Aidan [Rory] Gallagher
 Address: aidangallagher@tiscali.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Miss those days!
 Class: Cutty Sark
 Ships: Anco Princess
  Posted On: October 09, 2007 09:49:40 PM

 Name: Megan Peterson
 Address: peterson.family@inspire.net.nz
 Comments/Message: Looking for anyone who new or Cecil or Cyril Ingram, circa 1945-50
  Posted On: July 11, 2007 06:32:39 PM

 Address: anthony@shirleywren21.wanadoo.co.uk
 Ships: LOTS
  Posted On: May 31, 2007 06:49:40 PM

 Name: John Barker
 Address: speedtriplejohn@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Enjoyed PWSTS.Sailed with BP on British Merlin, Trust, Mariner, Dragoon, Progress, Trent. Then to Houlder Bros on Ocean Transport, Faraday, Cotinga, 18 months on coaster Pandor and more recently two trips with the mod aboard Newton. Wouldn't change a day of it.
 Class: Cutty Sark
  Posted On: May 30, 2007 07:48:31 PM

 Name: Steve Dixon
 Address: steverdixon@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: Greatly enjoyed my time at P.W.S.T.S. and sea service afterwards. Served with BP until 73 until the attraction of a female and a motorcycle drew me to the cross-chanell ferries firstly at Dover then Newhaven. Medically disharged after bad bike smash in 78. Because of my disabilities I've only had one job since, but I'm still into bikes, boats, birds, booze and bedlam!
 Class: Endeavour
 Ships: SS British Ensign/SS British Star/MV British Venture/SS British Diplomat/SS British Lancer/ SS Maid of Orleans/MV Senlac
  Posted On: May 24, 2007 08:06:50 PM

 Name: Graham Bedwell
 Address: graham30ukw@yahoo.com
 Class: Endeavour
  Posted On: May 09, 2007 01:28:42 PM

 Name: George Sheppard
 Address: george1arm@talktalk.net
 Comments/Message: "You can never forget "the memories will stay with you forever.What a way to start your life,learn a trade travel the World and get paid for it.I was with Union Castle, Clan Line,King line before joining Canadian Express and many others,I ended my life at sea working on Salvage Tugs which was the best job I ever had.These days I am retired and married to a wonderfull Australian lady,we spend 6 months in OZ and 6 months in the UK so life is still as good as it was in the PWSTS days
 Class: Cutty Sark
 Ships: All sorts !
  Posted On: May 04, 2007 05:44:21 PM

 Name: ken nattrass
 Address: lisalloydtaff@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments/Message: looking for any old classmates. lost class picture so ifanyone can help!
 Class: hesperous 1970
  Posted On: March 26, 2007 05:06:54 PM

 Name: Paul Walsh
 Address: paul.walsh@tinyonline.co.uk
 Comments/Message: great time had at PWSTS shame to see the state of the building now Excellent site hope to be at the reunion in September
 Class: Derwent
 Ships: Anco Princess, Stane, Empress etc
  Posted On: March 23, 2007 12:07:46 AM

 Name: Stephanie Thomas
 Address: stormgazer@btinternet.com
 Comments/Message: hi all, my dad just gave me his merchant navy book showing courses and certificates of discharge, on the training it says he was at the prince of wales sea training school in 1958 doing a deck course and in 1961 doing a fire fighting course, his name is Trevor Robert Turke and the number he has is 692101, if anyone knows him or worked with him, let me know, i have a couple of pictures he has given me but he does not remember any names
 Class: Deck course 1958 and fire fighters course 1961
 Ships: orion, loch loyal, dominion monarch, amazon, s.s. kenya castle, s.s cape sable, s.s zinnia, lord gladstone, crystal diamond and wellington star
  Posted On: March 20, 2007 08:21:24 PM

 Address: alexander.easton1@btinternet.com
 Class: FALCON
  Posted On: March 16, 2007 11:58:42 AM

 Name: Ralph Cusens
 Address: ralphcusens@yahoo.co.uk
 Comments/Message: I would very much like to hear from anyone who knew me
 Class: Leander
 Ships: Port Sydney. Ruahini
  Posted On: March 10, 2007 04:24:50 PM

 Address: johns.rae@btinternet.com
  Posted On: February 18, 2007 08:32:50 PM

 Name: Terence Brown
 Address: tnbrown3@fsmail.net
 Comments/Message: Hi to all, great site,good to see Charlies daughter & son in law rememering his name. At sea for 13years. then wedding bells.
 Class: ?
 Ships: port line, blue star, royal mail etc.
  Posted On: February 17, 2007 07:31:39 PM

 Name: douglas bates
 Address: lindabatrs@ntlworld.com
 Comments/Message: great days
 Class: cutty shark
 Ships: british dragoon
  Posted On: February 12, 2007 07:30:24 PM

 Name: jim connell
 Address: jsie-barrett@hotmail.com
 Class: no name
 Ships: oronsay,lismoria,orsova,orcades
  Posted On: February 05, 2007 08:28:20 PM

 Name: Dave Spencer
 Address: dave-spencer1947@tiscali.co.uk
 Comments/Message: After leaving PWSTS spent 17 years at sea mainly with NZSCo & Port Line leaving in 1979 to get married and a career change to spend the next 23 years in the offshore oil industry mostly out of Aberdeen. Managed to take early retirement at 55 and can recommend it to anyone.
 Class: Arethusa
 Ships: Mostly NZSCo & Port Line
  Posted On: January 31, 2007 12:31:57 PM

 Name: Francis George Vousden
 Address: vou@btinternet.com
 Comments/Message: Great School and good mates
 Class: Cutty Sark
 Ships: Rangitoto
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