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  Posted On: May 13, 2004 12:24:42 PM

 Name: howard h. thomas
 Comments: was a sentry dog handler at 3rd tracs, Marble Mt., August and Sepember 1968. Was wounded walking the wire 9/26/68. Had the only bob-tailed german sheperd in the corps, his name was Tiger. SEMPER FI
  Posted On: May 11, 2004 06:15:21 PM

 Name: Al kimble sgt. usmc
 Comments: 1st Armored Amphibian co. 3rd Plt. trying to locate any how6 peaple from oct.67 to july of 69 terry burns mike burke trammel rushing jonhnie chandler dwanye copland dalles brother kale .
  Posted On: May 07, 2004 08:31:10 AM

 Comments: 2nd amtrak bn. lejune 64-65
crew chief of A-02 during dominican crisis
1st amtrak bn. danang 66
crew chief of B-47, Pie and Vargas were my drivers.
If anyone remembers me,drop me a line.
  Posted On: May 07, 2004 05:37:06 AM

 Name: Jenny
 Comments: Please look at my Vietnam website
  Posted On: May 06, 2004 09:59:37 AM

 Name: Daniel Furst
 Comments: If you really got a lot of good Vietnam info on this website; thanks.
  Posted On: May 04, 2004 10:44:03 PM

 Name: john (andy) anderson
 Comments: 2533 comm. with h&s co. and b co. 3rd tracks. have found caillouette and greenspan and had replies. maj. steffansson, top pound & top brown and doc leasher and sgt. bohr please reply.
  Posted On: May 04, 2004 10:19:33 AM

  Posted On: May 03, 2004 07:34:24 PM

 Name: Blackie/Tom Blackiston 2142 maint
 Homepage: msn
 Comments: 1968-1969 maintenance hq plt 3rd plt & 4th plt...hill 190, hill 37...hill 65 and anhoa
  Posted On: May 02, 2004 03:49:05 PM

 Name: Yolanda
 Comments: This is a great website. Thanks. Does anyone know how to locate PFC Robert Saenz who went to Viet Nam & was in HHC 554th BN (Const.) APO S.F.?
  Posted On: May 02, 2004 01:57:46 PM

 Name: Leo L KalipsIII
 Homepage: earthlink,net
 Comments: served U.S. Navy Special Forces, 64 to 68 Viet Nam. like to hear from you.
  Posted On: April 30, 2004 01:26:44 PM

 Name: Summer
 Comments: Very good. i'm very impressed with the quality, but much more so with the content!! wonderful to see
  Posted On: April 30, 2004 04:29:58 AM

 Name: Jon
 Comments: It's cool webiste!
  Posted On: April 29, 2004 12:39:11 PM

 Name: Chris Warner
 Comments: enjoyed the pics--I served with the 1/14th arty LZ Bayonet-Chu Lai---Welcome home!!
  Posted On: April 23, 2004 04:03:02 PM

 Name: joseph genereux
 Comments: hi eli, im the one who sent you the cib orders,also the deployment orders. i found a picture of me and boone when we were at phan thiet.ill send it to you on email.

  Posted On: April 23, 2004 08:54:00 AM

 Name: Glen Porter
 Comments: Cau Viet 1969
  Posted On: April 23, 2004 12:18:43 AM

 Name: Roy Dougherty
 Comments: crew member B co 4th plt., 3rd amtrac bn (also BLT 3/1), Viet Nam '67 & 68, "welcome home" brothers
  Posted On: April 22, 2004 07:18:45 PM

 Name: Frank Baldwin
 Comments: Trac 3A-42 Chu-lai l965-66 Semper Fi
  Posted On: April 21, 2004 08:46:32 PM

 Name: John Chase
 Comments: Great Site...
Semper Fi
  Posted On: April 20, 2004 01:51:54 PM

 Name: george maxwell
 Comments: served with H&S Co nov67-nov68
  Posted On: April 19, 2004 07:41:49 AM

 Name: SPC. Bridges
 Comments: Sir,
> My name is SPC. Colin C. Bridges and I am a desk sergeant at Fort Monroe under the 233rd military police detachment. I am seeking advice or direction in locating a Army Vietnam Vet that has seen action in Vietnam. The reason for this request is that I am currently in the Army like I stated but also seeking my Degree in Science of Sociology and History. I am currently enrolled into a class with Saint Leo University that is Vietnam. My professor as tasked us with a paper to be written on the war and I was really hoping to get a first hand person to interview so my paper would not just be based of off text. If you don't mind I would like to interview some in the area near Fort Monroe where I am stationed. Thank you for you assistance.
  Posted On: April 17, 2004 09:32:41 AM

 Name: J Turpin
 Comments: This is Signal from VVF. Congrats on a nice site which shows plenty of work.
Welcome Home.
  Posted On: April 14, 2004 01:18:12 PM

 Name: Vic Frapier
 Comments: Served with H&S Co-Maint.Echo1 patrol.
3rd Amtrac Bn.1st Mar Div.Rotated out 4May1968
  Posted On: April 14, 2004 12:51:33 PM

 Name: Vic Frappier
 Comments: Re: On the wire 4may68.It was the echo 1 patrol that first encountered the enemy force, which breached our battalion. We we're ambushed at approx 2000 hrs, and bailed out by our react force.Myself and Carl Oscar Pearson [that I know of], we're evacuated by covoy to the NSA facility that evening for medical care. Carl was my point man,and died of his wounds on May 8th.I was discharged because of my injuries.I returned to Vietnam in Nov 1974, and visited the ambush and base camp area. Cement slab where the mess tent was, and the road going into camp,was all that remained.Semper Fi.
  Posted On: April 13, 2004 06:57:53 PM

 Name: Cecile Trijssenaar
 Comments: The war continues for the people of Vietnam...
Dear Sir/Madam,
I wonder if you could help me and the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange? My colleagues and I from the British - Vietnam Friendship Society have been trying to raise awareness of the Vietnamese people who are still suffering as a consequence of the dioxin found in Agent Orange that the US sprayed over South Vietnam during the war.
I appreciate that the issue is contentious but babies are still been born with birth defects in the grandchildren of those that fought the war. The dioxin is very likely to have affected the DNA. And there are huge pockets of land where dioxin has gathered and made its way into the food chain. So the young people today are consuming poisonous food, as a result of the chemicals sprayed 35 years ago.
We are supporting a class action court case that has been bought about by 5 Vietnamese victims in New York against the chemical companies responsible. In this way the innocent victims may receive some compensation for the aftermath of the war. To this end we have started a petition to present to the courts. We have nearly 20 000 signatures and we would like to make at least 200 000. We can do this with your support.
Please will you help us by signing the petition at:
and informing your friends, colleagues and associates of this cause.
Thanking you in kindness,
Cecile Trijssenaar
  Posted On: April 13, 2004 05:24:57 PM

 Name: Michael Hutchinson sr
 Comments: I signed this before but forgot to say iwas with bravo Istplt on 3b11 as a crewman and crewchief on 3b16 just before going home. iwas there in 66/67
  Posted On: April 13, 2004 01:12:08 AM

 Email: N/A
 Homepage: N/A
 Comments: H & S COMPANY
1966-1967 CHU LAI
  Posted On: April 10, 2004 03:34:06 PM

 Name: Tommy Mayes
 Homepage: None
 Comments: I hope to see ya this year in NYC 2004.
  Posted On: April 08, 2004 06:33:32 PM

 Name: Michael Hutchinson Sr.
 Comments: Great page isaw one name on itthat i knew or think i did served 66/ 67 chu-lai-Da-Nang
  Posted On: April 02, 2004 12:59:43 PM

 Name: Christine
 Comments: My name is Christine, I frequent another board that was created by Vietnam Veterans and others who support this country and the military. I recently saw you post at the board and got nosey... and found your site! We're fellow New Yorkers!! I really just wanted to Thank You for your service and welcome you home! Men like you are why this country is great.
  Posted On: April 01, 2004 08:35:28 PM

 Name: David Young
 Comments: was with 687 enginers landclears 69
  Posted On: March 30, 2004 11:13:00 AM

 Name: Ray Stillman
 Comments: I never realized just what joining the military entailled. I'm about 10 years younger than you and other Vietnam Veterans but I don't know how you guys were able to volunteer to join up when there was a war going on and you probably knew you would be going. Took a lot of balls I'd say and I see these guys today on TV figthing in a war and it all makes me wonder how I would have held up in combat situations. Your website educated me alot about combat and friendships and what war was all about. Thank you for sharing so much.
  Posted On: March 21, 2004 02:59:03 AM

 Name: Al Lansdale
 Comments: Was in A Company 3rd Amtrac By. 62-65.Please let me know of any upcomming reunions.Currently Senior Vice Commandant Marine Corps
League Ventura Ca. Call us at 1800 844 USMC Semper Fi!
  Posted On: March 21, 2004 02:48:09 AM

 Name: Al Lansdale
 Comments: Served in A Company 3rd.Amtrac
Btn 62-65. Missed Nam by 6 months.Currently Senior Vice
Commandant of Ventura Ca Marine Corps League.Call us
at 1800 844 USMC.Semper Fi!
  Posted On: March 14, 2004 04:20:10 PM

 Name: frank baldwin
 Comments: was at chu-lai 65,66 3rd amtrac bn 4th plt trac
3-a-42 Signed in before with wrong e-mail. Keep up the good work.

Semper Fi
  Posted On: March 10, 2004 04:08:38 PM

 Name: Garry
 Comments: Thanks from Scotland
  Posted On: March 09, 2004 11:40:04 AM

 Name: katv
 Comments: Not bad guy!
  Posted On: March 09, 2004 11:34:51 AM

 Name: Cindy
 Homepage: none
 Comments: how nice, very prolific. Thank you for sharing all this. My heart swells when i visit your site, with both pride in our vets & admiration for each & every one of you. :-)
  Posted On: March 08, 2004 10:17:58 PM

 Name: John Lane
 Comments: My name is John Lane. Served with H&S Co., 3d Amtracs, 65 and 66. Shipped out with the e-1 Plt from Del Mar. Haven't had time to see much of this web site yet as I was just made aware of it by Dick Lavello, today
who told me to check out Feb 14. Have seen a few names already that I recognize. Spent 22 years in the Corps much of it at 2d Tracs, Court House Bay. Some time in Tanks too, Korea and Pendleton. Sure would be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me. And yes Sgt. Lynch I've never forgotten Nicastro. J. Lane
  Posted On: March 07, 2004 12:59:17 PM

 Name: Jim Meehan
 Comments: Just wanted to say hello but after reading your (Roy's) Sept 11th article such pain came over me. I lost a dear friend in Vietnam. John (Jack) Folger was with the 196 LIB. We wrote to each other while in service. We grew up together, Jack was a real friend. He didn't make it back and I was home for the funeral. It was very hard on his family. Years later I entered his letters for the NYS Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Water St in NYC. I let his Mother know. That was the last time I spoke with her. Jack's Mom, Jane Folger had boarded the Jet on 9/11 that went down in PA. All the sorrow I felt for Jack and now his Mom was so painful for me. She lost so much when Jack was killed and then her own life. Why?
  Posted On: March 07, 2004 08:23:56 AM

 Name: Keith Lewis
 Comments: A very nice page...I served for nearly 10 years as an Army grunt(Airborne)...You are a good man
  Posted On: March 07, 2004 08:23:52 AM

 Name: Keith Lewis
 Comments: A very nice page...I served for nearly 10 years as an Army grunt(Airborne)...You are a good man
  Posted On: March 07, 2004 02:17:25 AM

 Name: cynthia
 Comments: All those guys who went to Nam and came back from tramua to culture shock. I was too busy with sex drugs and rocknroll to understand courage and compasion. I intentionally stumbled onto this site so I'll say -- welcome home to all those guys. We should have treated you better.
  Posted On: March 06, 2004 09:05:06 PM

 Name: keith (the fieldmarshall) haiser
 Comments: 3rd tracs,h&s co. blt 1/5 feb-jun 66;transfered to b co. at chu lai, then on to da nang, for an 6 month extention where i found 2 land mines in 3 months; stateside to lvtpx12 project. y.a.t.y.a.s=you aint tracs you aint shit.semper fi devil dogs!
  Posted On: March 06, 2004 10:21:12 AM

 Name: Katie (Katiebug44)
 Comments: Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and sharing it so eloquently. Welcome Home, Roy! And I'm glad we've met.
  Posted On: March 04, 2004 10:38:02 AM

 Name: Joe Quidachay, Guam
 Comments: Served with 9th Engrs.Bn., 1st MarDiv, Chu Lai, 1966.
Thanks for the opportunity of signing-in on your Guest Book...Semper Fi and Hafa Adai from Guam, USA!
  Posted On: March 02, 2004 11:44:26 PM

 Name: Archie
 Email: Archiegail12
 Comments: I was with the 178th replacememt co. in 1970
  Posted On: March 02, 2004 03:48:32 PM

 Name: Top
 Comments: Yes,an understanding of the Brotherhood. Nice work
  Posted On: March 01, 2004 02:13:20 PM

 Name: Herman McNeely
 Comments: Welcome home!!! I served with H&S Co. 3rd Amtrac Bn. Shipped out 1966. Ended up at Chu-Lai. I was with motor transport and drove a refuel truck. I rember refueling tracks at defferent places around Chu-Lai. You guys had a habbit of seeing who could get the closet to my truck without hitting it. You have seen the thing by the time I left.
  Posted On: March 01, 2004 12:59:30 PM

 Name: Cpl. rick taylor
 Comments: served in fox 2 1 7/66 to1/67 tranferred to c.a.c.unit until7/67
  Posted On: February 29, 2004 11:35:34 AM

 Name: Tom Balfe
 Comments: Served in 2/3 h&s co. 81's from 67-69 Welcome Home Bro
  Posted On: February 29, 2004 09:55:51 AM

 Name: Vanessa
 Email: I luv u @
 Comments: I am proud of you and I think you are handsome!
  Posted On: February 28, 2004 04:34:23 PM

 Name: chris warner
 Homepage: none
 Comments: stationed on LZ Bayonet-1/14 arty
  Posted On: February 28, 2004 03:40:14 PM

 Name: Rd Johnson
 Comments: Served with Amtracs in Vietnam 66-67Bco 4th platoon Served at Hill55, Marble Mt, Cau Viet new Email Address
  Posted On: February 27, 2004 04:05:45 PM

 Name: Terry Lee
 Comments: I would like to hear from Roy C. whose pictures are on this sight. I am in the second one on the top row. Hope to hear from you.
  Posted On: February 27, 2004 12:19:33 PM

 Name: Terry Lee
 Comments: I saw your sight and I am the man in the second picture on the top left. I was with 3rd amtrac battalion A company 4th platoon in 1968-1969 at Anhoa and Liberty Bridge. Hope to hear from you.
  Posted On: February 24, 2004 06:27:17 PM

 Name: robert fischer
 Comments: 3/4 cav 25th infantry div 67-68 cu chi
  Posted On: February 21, 2004 02:31:00 AM

 Name: Larry Strain
 Comments: 1st Tracks at Da Nang then we moved to Cau Viet in 67. I was on advance party moving up took about 100 rockets first night. Got used to it and that was small numbers. Came back with E-1's 3rd Tracks in 69-70 at Marbel Mountain.
  Posted On: February 17, 2004 04:02:49 PM

 Name: George A. Hoffman
 Comments: I concur Welcome Home and Thanks for Serving!
  Posted On: February 16, 2004 09:58:06 AM

 Name: Neil Terranova
 Comments: I`m in the process of exposing one such LIAR, his name is Donnie E Mixon, lies about his tour in RVN, stories you would not believe, I found his real mos and it was not a medic like he says, I`m sure he never saw combat, but I`m getting all the info on him and I`m taking space in our town paper at my expense in order to show the town`s people what a piece of garbage he is.
  Posted On: February 14, 2004 07:14:24 PM

 Name: Jim Lynch
 Comments: Served in the E-1 Plt, 3rd Amtracs, in Chu Lai during 1966-67. Frank O'Rourke was our plt. sgt. when we arrived and John Lane was our Lt. Does anyone remember a truly good guy, Cpl. Charles Nicastro "Nicky", who sadly was killed early on? Take care all you "tractor rats", it was good to serve with you.
  Posted On: February 14, 2004 08:57:38 AM

 Name: Thomas Dugan /SFC Retired Army
 Comments: Thank you very much we did what we ordered to do and have no regrets.
  Posted On: February 14, 2004 08:57:10 AM

 Name: Thomas Dugan /SFC Retired Army
 Comments: Thank you very much we did what we ordered to do and havce no regrets.
  Posted On: February 14, 2004 08:56:36 AM

 Name: Thomas Dugan /SFC Retired Army
 Comments: Thank you very much we did whta we ordered to do and havce no regrets.
  Posted On: February 12, 2004 10:19:14 PM

 Name: Lela Curtis
 Comments: In 1968 my husband came home for the last time.Every year I go to the Wall in D.C. to leave him a letter about our kids and grandkids.Thanks for saying welcome home and I thank you and all Veterans for what they have given.
  Posted On: February 12, 2004 09:55:45 PM

 Name: Tom Moore
 Comments: Hello Roy it still a great site, been a long time, kept up the good work, well later brother . TOM
  Posted On: February 12, 2004 12:14:04 AM

  Posted On: February 10, 2004 02:10:01 PM

 Name: sharonka
 Comments: very good, very moving.
  Posted On: February 09, 2004 08:27:26 PM

 Name: Stan Kawtoski
 Comments: I served in "A" company 3rd AMTRAC in Danang from Feb. 66 to Oct.66. Prior to that I was at CHU LAI with "A" company 1st AMTRACS.
  Posted On: February 06, 2004 07:26:40 AM

 Name: man on man
  Posted On: February 03, 2004 01:36:29 PM

 Name: Jerry Valdorn
 Comments: Hey Roy, I'm a chatter from CourtTV...not a vet or anything but I think you've got a great site. Seeya at CourtTV, buddy, perhaps today for Nancy Grace?

  Posted On: February 02, 2004 02:45:33 PM

 Name: Tim Kennedy
 Comments: Chu Lia 1965/1966 B410
  Posted On: February 02, 2004 02:44:53 PM

 Name: Ti Kennedy
 Comments: Chu Lia 1965/1966 B410
  Posted On: February 01, 2004 10:19:58 PM

 Name: D.Benjamin
 Comments: servrd with m/3/9 65-66 Welcome home
  Posted On: January 29, 2004 08:46:33 AM

 Name: Hugh. from 30-60_friends
 Homepage: www.30-60_friends
 Comments: prayers to all who served
  Posted On: January 26, 2004 10:14:36 PM

 Name: David Sconyers
 Comments: Commander, 1st Platoon, B Co, 3rd Tracs Chu Lai 1965-1966.
Alfa6, 3rd Tracs Danang 1968-1969, Yankee6 1969
  Posted On: January 25, 2004 10:09:31 AM

 Name: Jainee Brown
 Comments: This is truly remarkable and Thank You so very much.
  Posted On: January 19, 2004 12:53:42 PM

 Name: wayne clark
 Comments: roy keep up the good work .
try to get to the reunion this year
Semper Fi Wayne
  Posted On: January 19, 2004 09:41:14 AM

 Name: Bobby
 Homepage: none
 Comments: Gruff
Well i signed this way back when as awebtver i thought why not sign it againas a sort of pc user,nice sight bro,and as always "Welcome Home brothers and Sisters"
Da Batman was here
  Posted On: January 19, 2004 06:07:58 AM

 Name: Eric de Haas
 Homepage: donīt have one
 Comments: Dir Sear,

I took a look at your homepage and I was impressed...Could you give me an e-mailadress from a vet so I can write with him and learn more about your work there and then.
For the rest the page is realy very good, keep on the good work...Greetings form Eric from Holland Europe
  Posted On: January 18, 2004 05:04:08 PM

 Name: Ray Marshall
 Comments: served with the 3rd marines 1967
  Posted On: January 18, 2004 11:54:46 AM

 Name: Steve Day
 Email: .
 Comments: July 1968 - Jan 1970; 2nd Plt. A Co, 3LVT.
  Posted On: January 16, 2004 09:54:44 PM

 Name: anthony p. nunes
 Comments: was 1833 with B co 1965 1st.tour in NAM with 3/1 Jan 66 work out on the sand ramp RET 1981 E8 0491 w 26 years in the corps
  Posted On: January 12, 2004 11:41:21 PM

 Name: Paul E Mefferd
 Comments: Thank for telling me of this sight
  Posted On: January 09, 2004 11:03:19 PM

 Name: Katrina Mitchell
 Comments: Hello - My father Jesse R Ellsion was killed in Vietnam on Feb. 24, 1969 - (Quang Nam. I don't know much about him because my mother abandoned me and my sister shortly after my father died. I would like to know how to found out more about him. I requested his military records but haven't received anything yet. I am proud of my father and all men and women who fought for our country. I was appreciate any assistance you can provide. May God Bless you and yours.
  Posted On: January 07, 2004 11:07:18 PM

 Name: pete breedlove
 Comments: welcome home bros vietnam 67&68 Bearcat 93rd engrs const.
  Posted On: January 06, 2004 10:19:09 PM

 Name: Don Wills
 Comments: A great web site!
15th Combat Engineers
9th ID
  Posted On: January 03, 2004 04:11:41 PM

 Name: leonard shultz
 Comments: nam 67-68 navy(seabees) great
  Posted On: January 03, 2004 01:17:55 PM

 Name: 26th Marine Regiment - Vietnam War - Loyde P. Snake Arender
 Comments: Thank you for your time, work, and dedication in the creation of this Welcome Home website.
  Posted On: January 03, 2004 08:24:51 AM

 Name: John Chace
 Homepage: None
 Comments: Nephew of Frank Chace, good reading. I appreciate all you men did for us in the next generation. Thank you for your unselfish service to God and Country.
  Posted On: December 30, 2003 01:46:01 PM

 Name: Dave Nendza
 Comments: Nam 69-70
  Posted On: December 29, 2003 05:39:55 PM

 Name: Fred Wingfield
 Comments: Just a hello.
Wishing 2004 is the best for every tractor rat out there.
Roy, great sight, great memories.just hooked up with Fred Uster (company clerk) thanks to Ray Morris (the co's driver) and this web site.
Semper-Fi to all and may 2004 grant you all your wishes.
Fred Wingfield
'B'Co 3rd Amtracs Armorer 3/68-10/68 RVN
  Posted On: December 25, 2003 11:27:01 PM

 Name: Terry Martin
 Comments: I arrived in danang on feb 29 66. iwas with VMFA 314, Later transferred to VMFA 542 and went to chulai. let chulai sept 20 1967 on a Merchant marine ship, cant remember the name, if anyone else does let me know. Went back to Rocket City in March 72. Spent 85 days , with rocket attacks every damn night.I was with VMFA 232 radar shop. In june 72 we transferred to Namphong(The Rose Garden) Thaiiland, where we continued to support the war. Went back to the world of the round eyes in dec 72
  Posted On: December 25, 2003 08:49:13 PM

 Name: Robert Jones
 Comments: Thanks for passing your web site on to me. Great job. SEMPER FI to all out there
  Posted On: December 24, 2003 01:44:08 PM

 Name: Nichael P Flores L/Cpl.Retired
 Homepage: The Flag
 Comments: I served with the Bravo 1/5 1st Marine Division Jan 1970 at Hill 34 then moved to god knows where
  Posted On: December 24, 2003 01:40:47 PM

 Name: Nichael P Flores L/Cpl.Retired
 Homepage: The Flag
 Comments: Welcome home all my brothers and sisters. I pray for my brothers/sisters that did not come home in the way they left the States.
  Posted On: December 23, 2003 12:52:28 PM

 Name: Randy Graham
 Homepage: none
 Comments: You've done some work on this website. I read most of the articles you wrote or posted and very moving. I was in Vietnam but only for a short while and didn't see any combat but I still feel close to all Vietnam Veterans. Thanks for putting up this website.
  Posted On: December 17, 2003 08:15:06 PM

 Name: Ralph Dawson, CWO4 (Ret)
 Comments: I was raised by a whole sack full of the Amtracers listed, Mike Dahlkamp was teaching history at MCRD San Diego,(Mike and I were later class mates at WOBC-82 as 2110's) Dirty Al was teaching us how to be 2142's, Pinky was making me toe the line at B Co 1st Tracs, Rich Tedeschi was my Bn Maint O at 2nd Tracs, and chased me down at 3rd Tracs to be the first to congrat me on picking up WO. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND GUIDANCE "YAT YAS"
  Posted On: December 16, 2003 06:02:16 PM

 Name: RD Johnson
 Comments: Served with 1st tracs B CO $th Platoon 66-67
  Posted On: December 16, 2003 12:54:06 PM

 Name: Tim "Fuzzy" Furlong
 Comments: I signed in yesterday...12-15-03...I've added my home email to this. I see a number of names here that I remember. Clements, Tommy Slagle, Wayne Burnett. Slagle and I arrived and left 3rd Amtracs together (May 67 - Jun 68). Wayne and I were in B Co Comm together. We were with 4th Plt when we were assigned to the ROK Marines. During the first week with the ROK's much of the platoon was wounded. Gunny Pennybaker was the platoon sergeant...a true PROFESSIONAL MARINE...he had 28 years in the Corps. Last I saw of the Gunny, he had orders for Embassy Duty! I was on 3-B-46 with Stan Gill on 1-17-68 and I was wounded when the gooks hit us while we were in the river hauling a company of ROK's. 1 ROK was killed and 2 ROK's and I were wounded during the firefight. Our C/O, LTC SHUFORD and his driver "Frenchy" Gaudette arrived on scene while we were waiting for medevac. Wayne Burnett saved the comm copy of the spot report with my zap number and I still have it to this day. I got back to 4th plt just in time for our "landing" on that damn island at the mouth of that damn river. GO ISLAND? TET started that night. I spent TET with Joe Whitehurst (Alabama) and Charlie "Bambi" Lambert (Mass. ?). Our platoon with 2 companies of ROK's were blocking the escape path of NVA who were being pushed toward the river and sea by more ROK's and RVN army. We had 3-4 HOW-6's with us and they parked right behind our tractor and for 4 days & nights kept up a pretty steady barrage on the trapped NVA (they ran up their flag and dug in). Maj. Mollineux (sic?) had just become the B Co C/O and was with us on this op. Col. Shuford was the best damn C/O any outfit could have...he was another "PROFESSIONAL MARINE". He was a "mustang" WWII, Korea Vet. A great LEADER....
  Posted On: December 15, 2003 07:38:24 PM

 Name: Gerry Morris
 Comments: Right after I got out of Boot
Camp (PI) I was transferred to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. That was in January 64. I believe it was Feb 65 that we all loaded aboard ships in
Pearle and sat there for about a month until they finally shipped us out for
Okinawa. I was a Tractor Rat -LVTP-5A1's

I was in Chu Lai from April or May (again the memory) 65 and my company left
Christmas Day 65, and headed back to Okinawa for repairs. That pissed everyone off because we missed Christmas Dinner and ended up having to eat SOS aboard an LST. The good news was, the bread only had a little green mold on it.

One of my memories was the 4 men in the Company named John Bell. The first John Bell (E-6) killed himself with a 45 about 2 months in. The other 3 John Bells were in my tent.

In August 65 we hit a regular North Viet Namise company and one of the John Bells was killed when his tractor was hit. Two guys from my tent died that day, and one walked away with 245 pieces of shrapnel in his back.

In Sept/October another of the John Bells flew to Hong Kong on R&R. On the
way back, the plane he was on crashed into Hong Kong Harbor and he was killed.

The last John Bell (from Seattle WA) was my Crewman. He made it back to Okinawa with us. My overseas tour was up in January 65, so I was shipped back to LaJeune. My crewman, John Bell, I'm sure went back to Chu Lai or Da Nang.

I've always wondered if he made it.

Gerry Morris
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