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  Posted On: December 14, 2005 02:24:39 PM

 Email: vaneciasamuels777@yahoo.com
 Homepage: benson_19@blackplant
 From: guyana
 Comments: I'm glad that there are so many guyanese people in this country and that they have accomplished so much
  Posted On: December 07, 2005 02:04:00 PM

 Email: dna_da_don@yahoo.co.uk
 From: Penang,Malaysia
 Comments: Great work...well done..
Awesome product...
  Posted On: November 25, 2005 11:37:52 PM

 Email: chrissy2hotti@netscape.net
 From: Yonkers, New York
 Comments: hope u representin the GT culture since ur parents are from guyana....how i stumbled upon you page....i'm doin a project on mah country and i need videos but so far no luck...o well kool to kno we got such a popular man who has the GUYANESE blood in him....RUSSELL PETERS...MAD HILARIOUS
  Posted On: November 03, 2005 01:35:24 PM

 Email: stockleysheralyn@hotmail.com
 From: Rexdale
 Comments: I don't know if you will remember me but I went to ESA with you and I must say I will never forget you. It is great to see you doing so well. Say Hi to Gabe. Congratulations!
  Posted On: October 29, 2005 12:04:11 PM

 Email: fire_shery@hotmail.com
 From: Penang,Malaysia
 Comments: I am so happy i have kelvin as my best friend.I am so excited he is coming to see me.Take care.Luv you
  Posted On: October 27, 2005 03:11:49 PM

 Email: juliacathro@hotmail.com
 From: toronto
 Comments: hi kelvin!!
i'm home from work today...bored. i was putting peoples names into google when your site popped up.
looks like life has been treating you well. where are you at these days? i'm still in toronto, working at a women's shelter, done school (for now) and living with my fiance. i saw a picture of you and gabe on the site...tell him hi from me. you guys both look fantastic! ESA FOREVER!!
take care..... * your fave L.I.S.A (haha) aka Julia xoxo
  Posted On: October 14, 2005 06:27:16 PM

 Email: trush-ann@rogers.com
 From: Canada
 Comments: I have just a few comments that made my eye open wide!
- Aggressive in the bedroom!!!!!!!!!!
- Anything, Anytime and Anywhere!!!!!!!!
- What's with the White boy shuffle?????????????
Dang you got some lip action there Kelvin!!!!!!
so did you hit it??????????

You would be a great Prone Star!!
She you monday
  Posted On: October 13, 2005 10:38:27 PM

 Email: jynnifer@hotmail.com
 From: Brampton, ON
 Comments: Hey Kelvin!
Well, well, well... aren't we the reality dating show playa? I couldn't help myself, I HAD to watch it! Looks like you had a lot of fun doing it! And why not? With all that booty shakin', what else could a guy ask for?


  Posted On: October 13, 2005 10:26:16 PM

 From: Brampton
 Comments: Something...
Kelvin, watched you vid. "You are the guy, from that show" Pretty cool stuff! Also checked out the rest of the site, gotta give you props for your life experiences!
  Posted On: October 11, 2005 06:29:52 AM

 From: sunderland
 Comments: areet crazy kevin
  Posted On: October 11, 2005 06:17:55 AM

 From: Sunderland
 Comments: The site is great ck
luv ash
  Posted On: October 06, 2005 03:32:29 PM

 Email: dafashionguru@gmail.com
 From: Toronto!
 Comments: I love the website Kelvin! Great job! I had fun yesterday, we should make Martini Wednesdays a regular thing!
Take care.
  Posted On: September 24, 2005 02:28:08 PM

 From: France/ Guyana/ Canada
 Comments: Lol my mom's shakira Caine's cousin, although they obviously don't talk anymore considering they're from different spheres. I just found it funny that ur aunt knows my great aunt not that it really matters. (Random comment lol). So yeah.
  Posted On: September 17, 2005 07:37:48 PM

 Email: eunice.browne@fairmont.com
 From: Toronto
 Comments: CK, this is great! We'll be in touch.
  Posted On: September 16, 2005 04:17:01 PM

 Email: rebecca.carpenter@houghton.edu
 From: malibu, CA
 Comments: I just put a comment on sept 13th but i don't if you'll read it! check it out.
  Posted On: September 11, 2005 08:02:47 AM

 Email: Sumting@hotmail.com
 Homepage: Unknown
 From: T-dot
 Comments: When r u putting up ur recent pics and when r u going to send me da pics u took out of me
Ps. 316
  Posted On: August 22, 2005 09:42:59 AM

 Email: KennyellowBethea@yahoo.com
 From: Lumberton N.C
  Posted On: August 02, 2005 08:49:37 AM

 Email: snoopy-gangs@hotmail.com
 Homepage: i did not have it
 From: canada
 Comments: love dis website tht is allll
  Posted On: July 28, 2005 12:48:55 PM

 Email: mami_rican2000@yahoo.com
 From: Camden,NJ
 Comments: You got some hot shit
  Posted On: June 28, 2005 07:21:00 PM

 Email: openmicdvd@peelhead.com
 Homepage: http://www.peelhead.com
 From: Tustin, CA (grandparents from Belize & Guatemala)
 Comments: It was cool meeting you at Big Bizzie's birthday party. I enjoyed talking with you and your friends. We need to get together and talk about doing something for our digizine 'Open Mic DVD'. I'll send you and your friends some copies as soon as I can find a mailing address on you. Your friend from Canada was cute, I can't remember her name, she just reminded me of a chocolate kiss.
  Posted On: May 18, 2005 04:56:40 PM

 Email: joycelynn@inbox.com
 From: Atlanta,Georgia
 Comments: your cool crazy k but i think u need to put sum mor art on your site
  Posted On: May 11, 2005 10:20:52 PM

 From: L.A.
 Comments: was here.
  Posted On: April 27, 2005 07:15:47 PM

 Homepage: http://www.moonsofvega.com
 From: Papi Chulo Land
 Comments: Holy Crap, new design? Where the hell did you go, son?
  Posted On: April 19, 2005 04:30:47 PM

 From: Toronto
 Comments: heyy cuzzie haha.. When i went to florida last summer i was supposed to see your 5th wheel thing lmfao I FINALLY GOT TO SEE ITT weee. You are very crazy tsk tsk..Now what would ur mom say if she was truly watching? ;P Just kidding but yer ur site looks cooler now that its been updated anyways i gotta goo

wun <3
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