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  Posted On: December 18, 2016 10:58:10 PM

 Name: Diana
 Email: Darkladyofasia@hotmail.com
 Comments: Love the style!
  Posted On: January 03, 2012 02:31:06 PM

 Name: Amy
 Email: racmcelfresh@royell.org
 Comments: I have a hard time finding jeans but found some of JLo's at Kohls and loved them. The only problem they grow throughout the day. By noon they hang on me. I have washed and dried them (I never dry jeans) and they still do it. Any suggestions? Will they take them back?
  Posted On: October 21, 2011 08:04:38 PM

 Name: natalia pinillo
 Email: npinillo@yahoo.com
 Comments: me gustaria de la ropas
  Posted On: September 21, 2011 12:14:50 PM

 Name: Claudia London
 Email: ClaudiaLondon73@gmail.com
 Comments: JLo. I live her Style. I'm keen to have a look at some autumn outfits from each of her fashion design labels. I just decided today, after seeing her in heat magazine.
I set out on a search engine, to find this JLo fashion and see what it's like. Then, I came across this site which will be a great help in beginning up to date with the JLO brand.
I had one of her bikinis. Still have actually. Must be 8 years old now. Beautiful, unusual design it is. The feature being the midriff area. I liked that and do I'm sure that I'll love the day to day fashion range, as well.
Jennifer Lopez....stay fabulous! Regards, ClaudiaLondon73@gmail.com
  Posted On: August 25, 2011 11:57:09 AM

 Name: christy waford
 Comments: your clothes im really liken everybody feelin me in em to
  Posted On: July 04, 2011 02:45:29 PM

 Name: Tracy Laing
 Email: sweetie_55@hotmail.co.uk
 Comments: heya im lookinh for the dress that jlo has on in the razor advert! i love it can u help at all??
  Posted On: May 04, 2011 04:15:22 PM

 Name: Billy
 Email: Christ follower
 Comments: How can Jennifer Lopez and
all these singers claim to
be Christian yet sell sex?

If people were really saved they wouldn't promote sin and
be doing the same things.

If people are Christian then
why are they smoking cigars cigarettes,dope, still going to or continually at strip clubs,drinking,gambling,still
having premarital sex,mean,
and hating?
  Posted On: April 04, 2011 03:32:10 PM

 Email: marlen_339@hotmail.com
 Comments: Hola soy marlen aunca gomez trabajo en bogota colombia con jeans femeninos, mi especialidad son jeans con horma, me gustaria trabajar para ustedes marca donde trabajo actualmente BXS JEANS la mejor marca de jeans femininos a nivel nacional e internacional ya que exportamos a diferentes paises, gracias
  Posted On: February 02, 2011 08:46:10 PM

 Name: nilsa mercado
 Email: nilsamercardo@yahoo.com
 Comments: I love Jennifer Lopez clothing but now it so hard to find. Can you please let me know what department stores, I can find J.Lo clothing line or even a website.

  Posted On: October 22, 2010 07:09:02 AM

 Name: shide
 Email: morgan3085@yahoo.com
 Comments: hi dafi i love you very very
  Posted On: September 07, 2010 10:21:28 AM

 Name: margarita a ortiz
 Email: margaritaa.ortiz@yahoo.com
 Comments: love fashion
  Posted On: July 22, 2010 09:10:59 AM

 Name: reza
 Comments: I very very love you jlo.You love me.
  Posted On: April 16, 2010 01:10:16 AM

 Name: Rebecca
 Comments: I don't know what I would do without. J. Lo's "Glo" jeans. They are the ONLY jeans out there that fit me! They are extremely comfy and flatter my legs in all the right areas. I
  Posted On: April 14, 2010 09:27:15 PM

 Name: america
 Email: aamerica7@hotmail.com
 Comments: soy de Chile y me gustarĂ­a comprar ropa de la linea JLO por el momento tengo 2 perfumes y me encantan saludos
desde Antofagasta.
  Posted On: November 18, 2009 12:14:29 AM

 Name: neusa
 Email: neusamonteironmm@hotmail.com
 Comments: i like jlo clothes because she created what the girls and woman like she is very friendly thanks jlo
  Posted On: October 12, 2009 02:21:24 PM

 Name: ruta
 Email: rutaweres@yahoo.com
 Comments: i love fashion
and i love what jlo wear
  Posted On: September 10, 2009 07:16:20 AM

 Name: indra
 Email: indrawathi@seerspartnership.com
 Comments: What do I need to do and who do I contact if I want to bring Miss Jennifer Lopez's collection into Malaysian stores? Thank you.
  Posted On: July 30, 2009 06:02:23 PM

 Name: bola
 Email: foxycat012002@yahoo.com
 Comments: ilove Jlo
  Posted On: June 30, 2009 12:33:00 AM

 Name: j'adore laray chester
 Email: j39lynnchester@ymail.com
 Comments: your clothes are so anwsome i wear it eveyday
  Posted On: May 17, 2009 01:02:17 AM

 Name: Holli mcintyre
 Email: Holli.mcintyre@gmail.com
 Comments: Were can I buy JLo jeans in Australia,NSW
  Posted On: March 02, 2009 10:15:25 PM

 Name: Nadia
 Email: nadou_14@hotmail.com
 Comments: where i can find clothes JLO or justsweet? thanks
  Posted On: February 17, 2009 03:00:33 AM

 Name: elna
 Email: elnasophola@yahoo.com
 Comments: Hi,
I'm a member of j lo fashionstore babyphat.all her dress is lovely.but is cost too much.
  Posted On: February 11, 2009 03:33:18 AM

 Name: comfort okyere
 Email: ceejay.okyere@gmail.com
 Comments: I love your clothing line and plus the prices are very resonable. It shows that every woman whether thin or big can be sexy. My dream is to design and open my own clothing line onday and you are a great inspiration to me.
  Posted On: February 03, 2009 03:02:04 PM

 Name: cathy lievers
 Email: dcma9475@aol.com
 Comments: JLO clothing Line
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