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  Posted On: July 01, 2005 06:53:48 AM

 Ho va Ten: Cac ban xem www.vietbao.com, baiviet Tran Khai ngay 29/6
 Nghe Nghiep: va bai viet gui nguoi Viet hom nay 30/6
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
  Posted On: June 29, 2005 07:44:46 AM

 Ho va Ten: Trung
 Noi Cu Ngu: Cac tinh mien Bac
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Co^.ng ddo^`ng ngu+o+`i Vie^.t ta.i Canada pha?n ddo^'i ddo^.c ta`i, ddo`i da^n chu?, tu+. do nha^n quye^`n cho Vie^.t Nam - Chi'nh phu? Canada ky' hie^.p u+o+'c, u?ng ho^. VN va`o WTO va` khuye^'n ca'o na(.ng ne^` chi'nh phu? CHXHCN VN

Ba` Janet Epp Buckingam, ho^.i tha'nh Tinh La`nh Canada tuye^n bo^' "DDa~ ra^'t nhie^`u la^`n, nha` nu+o+'c (CHXHCN) Vie^.t Nam dda~ cam ke^'t thay ddo^?i. Va` cu~ng dda~ qua' nhie^`u la^`n, dda^y la` nhu+ng lo+`i hu+'a ro^~ng tue^'ch."

Thu? tu+o+'ng Paul Martin cu~ng kho^ng que^n nha('c vo+'i o^ng Phan Va(n Kha?i:

"Thu? tu+o+'ng (Phan Va(n Kha?i) va` to^i dda~ co' cuo^.c tha?o lua^.n sa^u sa('c ve^` nha^n quye^`n, ke^? ca? quye^`n tu+. do to^n gia'o va` tu+. do tu+ do ngo^n lua^.n. To^i dda~ tri`nh ba^`y cho Thu? Tu+o+'ng (Phan Va(n Kha?i) hie^?u ra(`ng Canada co' ra^'t nhie^`u co^ng da^n go^'c Vie^.t va` ra^'t nhie^`u ngu+o+`i Canada go^'c Vie^.t na`y dde^'n sinh so^'ng ta.i dda^y vi` nhu+~ng quan ta^m ve^` nhu+~ng vie^.c to^n tro.ng nha^n quye^`n, tu+. do to^n gia'o ta.i Vie^.t Nam."

"Tuy ddu'ng la` hai nu+o+'c chu'ng ta co' li.ch su+? kha'c nhau, so^'ng trong nhu+ng ddie^`u kie^.n kha'c nhau, va` chu'ng ta cu~ng co' ne^`n va(n ho'a kha'c nhau, chu'ng to^i ta.i Canada tin ra(`ng va(n ho'a tu+. do ne^n va` pha?i la` mo^.t gia' tri. co' ti'nh hoa`n vu~."

http://www.vietdemocracynetwork.net/tintuc/index.php?cat =news&id=402
http://www.vietdemocracynetwork.net/tintuc/index.php?cat =news&id=399

http://www.danchimviet.com/php/modules.php?name=News& ;file=article&sid=332
Ðie^`u 4 (Hie^'n Pha'p):
Ða?ng co^.ng sa?n Vie^.t Nam, ddo^.i tie^n phong cu?a giai ca^'p co^ng nha^n Vie^.t Nam, dda.i bie^?u trung tha`nh quye^`n lo+.i cu?a giai ca^'p co^ng nha^n, nha^n da^n lao ddo^.ng va` cu?a ca? da^n to^.c, theo chu? nghi~a Ma'c-Le^nin va` tu+ tu+o+?ng Ho^` Chi' Minh, la` lu+.c lu+o+.ng la~nh dda.o Nha` nu+o+'c va` xa~ ho^.i.
Ðie^`u 46: (ddie^`u le^. dda?ng)
Ta`i chi'nh cu?a Ða?ng go^`m dda?ng phi' do dda?ng vie^n ddo'ng, thu tu+` ca'c doanh nghie^.p, ddo+n vi. su+. nghie^.p cu?a Ða?ng, nga^n sa'ch Nha` nu+o+'c va` ca'c khoa?n thu kha'c.

  Posted On: June 26, 2005 08:35:54 AM

 Ho va Ten: Trung
 Noi Cu Ngu: Cac tinh mien Bac
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Y Kien Cua Ban: https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.rfa.org/vietname se/ de vao trang web chinh RFA

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.danviet.net< br />
https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.foxnews.com/ story/0,2933,160190,00.html TT PVK hop bao o Washington (VIDEO)

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.nguoi-viet.c om/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=27278&z=12 tranh gianh anh huong o VN : My & Trung cong; csvn tren duong xay dung 1 che do tu ban doc tài !?

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.ykien.net/ha nvinhdiep01.html tac dat tac vàng

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.ykien.net/hm bian.html NHUNG BI AN TRONG QUAN HE VIET-TRUNG

http://www.ena.lu/europe/formation%20communautaire/confe rence%20geneve%201954.htm
Accords sur la cessation des hostilités en Indochine (Genève, 20 juillet 1954)


https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.mtholyoke.ed u/acad/intrel/genevacc.htm HIEP DINH Paris 1973

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.lenduong.net /article.php3?id_article=13853 Dai Loan, vet dao tri' mang se làm Trung cong vu.n vo*?

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/dangdanchunhanda n.blogspot.com/ Dang Dan chu nhan dan

https://w8.artslawyers.org/dmirror/http/www.danviet.net/ doisong/listen.asp?Audio_ID=142

  Posted On: June 24, 2005 07:44:26 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghe Nghiep: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Tai sao may trieu 'khuc ruot ngan dam' lai khong thay mot mong 'Viet Kieu yeu nuoc' nao di don Phan Van Khai vay?, toan thay nhung 'phan dong' di bieu tinh chong Khai.
de nghi nhung 'Viet kieu yeu nuoc' nho gui hinh anh 'dong bao Viet Nam song xa to quoc' di don Phan Van Khai (va nhieu tien US do-la nua) ve cho bao 'Nhan Dan' de cho bo cong 'Chi Pheo-Phan Van Khai' di tham My.
mong lam thay!!!
  Posted On: June 24, 2005 12:24:24 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Viet
 Nghe Nghiep: Ve Tham Viet Nam
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Chien tranh da~ 30 nam roi, hay bo qua chuyen cu...dung khong? Cac ban muon biet Viet Nam minh dan chu tu do nhu the nao? Xin moi ban nhi`n THAI DO, LOI NOI, DOI-XU cua nhung nhan vien lam viec tai Phi Truong Quoc Te TSN, ban se ro... Khi ban dap may bay ve^` tham QUE HUONG cua minh, ban nghi gi ve^` CUNG-CACH CUA NHUNG ONG BA` NGOI XEM GIAY VA DONG DAU VAO PASSPORT & VISA CUA BAN?

Ro^`i khi ban roi VIET NAM dap may bay troi lai da^'t TAM-DUNG cua minh, NHUNG ONG BA` NGOI DONG DAU VAO PASSPORT no nu cuoi, hoi ban: HOW YOU'RE TRIPS? and WELCOME HOME. Ban co' co`n met moi sau chuyen bay xa nhu vay hay khong? Tam tu ban co tha^`m so sanh gi` khong? uoc mo gi` khong? cho Viet Nam minh...
  Posted On: June 23, 2005 12:52:27 PM

 Ho va Ten: Tim Hieu Su That ve Ton Giao
 Noi Cu Ngu: Cac tinh mien Nam
 Y Kien Cua Ban: I guess you would agree with me: your religion is almost certainly determined by your family. If you were born of Muslim parents, you would be and Muslim; if in Christian family, you would be a Christian, likewise for Buddhist.

In my case, I was born a free thinker. I don’t think that I am an atheist but an agnostic. When something is out of my control, I pray to the higher power, super power, god in the sky, etc. Being a free thinker, I feel isolated. I want to believe in something, something truly exists.

As a person of Asian background with some influence from western education, I understand considerably well of Buddhism and Christianity. However, I feel puzzled when study these religious foundation and teaching. I mean no offence but I do not believe them. Here are examples:

In Christianity, our ancestors are Adam and Eva, they have children and their children produce more children. All from the first couple. Genetically and logically, it is impossible. First, it is incest. Second, how come a white couple Adam and Eva gave birth to ancestors of millions of black people in Africa and billions of yellow-skin people. If this true, why it is not taught in class but the Theory of Evolution.

In Buddhism, I was once a chicken. Before that I was a dog, etc. And my future is not up to me, it is up to what I did in my previous life. Furthermore, I am living in a developed country, I certainly do not have to worry about hunger and I get enough medical attention to stay healthy. All this because I did many good deeds in my previously lives. And those who live in the third world countries, where they do not have enough food, being ill without proper treatment, All because they were robbers, fraudsters, rapists in their previous lives. Nonsense.

Can anyone please show me the way? What should I believe? Should I be religious? What is the best religion?
  Posted On: June 21, 2005 05:13:32 PM

 Ho va Ten: Bush to press Vietnamese PM on human rights: White House
 Y Kien Cua Ban: WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush will press Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai to improve his country's human rights record, the White House said on the eve of their landmark talks.

"This will be an opportunity to talk about religious freedom and human rights concerns as well. There are some steps that have been taken by Vietnam, but there are concerns that remain," said spokesman Scott McClellan.

When Bush welcomes Khai here on Tuesday, Vietnamese-American groups will hold demonstrations in front of the White House to protest alleged political and religious persecution in communist-ruled Vietnam, organizers said.

In Seattle, the first stop of Khai's week-long US trip, hundreds of Vietnamese-Americans demonstrated in front of his hotel Sunday.

He is the first Vietnamese government leader to visit the United States since the end of the Vietnam war and Khai's visit culminates a series of reconciliation moves since the end of the bloody Vietnam War 30 years ago.

As Khai arrived in Washington Monday from Seattle, Congress held a hearing on alleged human rights violations in Vietnam.

Bush has been besieged by letters from lawmakers, and human rights and media organizations, highlighting the need for democratic reforms and respect for human rights in Vietnam.

"Tomorrow's meeting is an important test for that vision" of president Bush to spread democracy across the globe as he had pledged in his second-term inaugural address, said Donald Payne, a Democratic Representative from New Jersey, before the congressional hearing.

Republican Chris Smith, another New Jersey Representative, who chaired the hearing, accused Khai's government of arresting and imprisoning writers, scientists, academics, religious leaders and even veteran communists in their own homes for speaking out for freedom and against corruption.

"In fact, this statement I am giving today would easily fetch me a 15-year prison sentence replete with torture if I were a Vietnamese national or Member of Parliament making these comments in Vietnam," he said.
  Posted On: June 20, 2005 05:05:12 PM

 Ho va Ten: Trung
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: Cac tinh mien Bac
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Y Kien Cua Ban: https://w8.unix-si.com/dmirror/http/ + www... : vuot tuong lua
https://w8.unix-si.com/dmirror/http/www.saigonbao.com : vuot tuong lua vào saigonbao

To^? chu+'c chi'nh tri., nha^n quye^`n :
DDa.i Vie^.t Ca'ch Ma.ng DDa?ng: (http://www.daiviet.org)
Cao Tra`o Nha^n Ba?n: (http://www.ctnb.org/)
Ho^.i Ðo^`ng Vie^.t Nam Ba?o Toa`n Ða^'t To^?: (http://www.hdvnbtdt.org)
Lie^n Minh Da^n Chu? Vie^.t Nam: (http://www.lmdcvn.org)
Phong Tra`o Tho^'ng Nha^'t Da^n To^.c va` Xa^y Du+.ng Da^n Chu?: (http://www.pttndt.org/dong_a/donga.htm)
Ma.ng Lu+o+'i Nha^n Quye^`n Vie^.t Nam: (http://www.vnhrnet.org)
To^\? Chu+'c Phu.c Hu+ng Vie^.t Nam: (http://www.vnet.org/phuchung)
Vie^.t Nam Canh Ta^n Ca'ch Ma.ng Ða?ng: (http://www.viettan.org)
Vie^.t Nam Quo^'c Da^n Ða?ng: (http://www.vietquoc.com)
DDa?ng Nha^n Da^n Ha`nh DDo^.ng: (http://www.ndhd.net/tiengviet.htm)
Vietnamese-American Public Affairs Committee (VPAC)

http://live.str3am.com:2450/listen.pls Da`i Radio VN hai? ngoai.

TT Phan Van Khai o My:
Bie^?u ti`nh cho^'ng o^ng Phan Va(n Kha?i dde^'n Hoa Ky`
http://www.nguoi-viet.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=269 56&z=1
Tu+o+`ng tri`nh cuo^.c bie^?u ti`nh ta.i Laffayette, Washington DC pha?n ddo^'i chuye^'n ddi cu?a Thu? tu+o+'ng Kha?i
http://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/in_depth/2005/06/19/Laffay ette_Vietnamese_Khaitrip_TQuang/
Cuo^.c ho.p ba'o cu?a Thu\? tu+o+'ng Kha?i ta.i Seattle dda~ pha?i cha^'m du+'t sau khi o^ng bi\. ca'o buo^.c la` ngu+o+`i no'i do^'i
http://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/in_depth/2005/06/19/seatle _Khaitrip_NguyenAn/

Nga`y N1 cu?a Thu? Tu+o+'ng Phan va(n Kha?i ta.i Hoa Ky`
Truye^`n DDo+n O+? Ha` No^.i: Xin Bush DDo`i Da^n Chu? Ho'a VN
http://www.vietbao.com/main.asp?nid=87456&catgid=4 Kha?i Ho.p Ba'o, Bi. Cha^'t Va^'n, No^?i Gia^.n, La Ma('ng ‘DDuo^?i No' DDi’
Ca'c Vi. na`o muo^'n ki' te^n u?ng ho^. Tuye^n bo^' 2005 co' the^? va`o ca'c Website sau:
http://www.ncvaonline.org/ (Nghi. Ho^.i) o+? My~
http://www.vietnamreview.com/ (ba'o ddie^.n tu+? Vietnam Review)
http://www.phusa.org/ (o+? Pha'p)
http://www.dcpt.org/ (ba'o Da^n Chu? & Pha't Trie^?n o+? DDu+'c)

Dài tuong niem thuyen nhan bi dep bo o Pulo Bidong vi ap luc Hànoi
https://w8.unix-si.com/dmirror/http/www.bbc.co.uk/vietna mese/regionalnews/story/2005/06/050615_vietnammemorial.shtml
  Posted On: June 20, 2005 08:55:07 AM

 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: SEATTLE - Demonstrators gathered on downtown streets Sunday to protest the first visit of a Vietnamese prime minister to the United States since the end of the war 30 years ago, calling for Vietnam to improve its human rights record
Prime Minister Phan Van Khai came to Seattle for the purchase of Boeing aircraft by the national airline and to meet with Microsoft executives, part of a weeklong tour that will take him to a White House meeting withDemonstrators shouted "Down with communists," held signs that read "Khai is another

Saddam Hussein" and called for an end to political and religious persecution in Vietnam.
Sai Nguyen, an organizer with the Vietnamese American Coalition in Northwest America, criticized the Communist Party's push to open the Vietnamese economy to foreign investors, saying it would not improve the lives of the people.
"It is only to help the party," he said.
On Saturday, demonstrators marched and carried U.S. and former South Vietnamese flags in the Little Saigon area of California's Orange County, home of the nation's largest Vietnamese community.
More than 1 million Vietnamese now live in the United States, including an estimated 130,000 in Orange County.
In an interview with The Associated Press in Hanoi, Khai said his visit "reflects that we have put the past behind us."
"We're hoping to further tap the potential for even better relations between the two countries based on respect and mutual interest," Khai said.
The Seattle demonstrators hoped their presence would let Khai know that Vietnamese Americans want him to address human-rights abuses that continue in Vietnam, said Nhien Le, a former officer in the South Vietnamese Air Force.
"Compared with all the countries in southeast Asia, we are at the bottom. That's why we fight for the freedom," Le said.
Minh Vuong, a representative of the Vietnam Reform Party, called on Khai to free religious and political prisoners and to end the black-market trade of sex-workers in southeast Asia.
The rally also was intended to remember those who died attempting to flee Vietnam after the war, said Vuong, who escaped by boat and came to the United States in 1981.
Khai, 71, arrived Sunday morning and stopped first at Boeing's plant in Renton, south of Seattle, to oversee the purchase of four 787 airliners by Vietnam Airlines. On Monday, he is to visit Microsoft's Redmond campus, a company spokeswoman said Friday. Microsoft has an office in Vietnam.
Besides meeting Bush and Microsoft Chairman

Bill Gates, Khai is scheduled to visit the presidents of Harvard University and the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
In the 10 years since diplomatic ties were restored, the United States has become Vietnam's top trading partner. U.S. investment in Vietnam has risen 27 percent each year since a bilateral trade agreement took effect in 2001. The two-way trade was worth $6.4 billion last year.
  Posted On: June 20, 2005 05:36:46 AM

 Ho va Ten: Frank Warner
 Nghe Nghiep: June 02, 2005
 Y Kien Cua Ban: To Vietnam dictator Phan Van Khai on your pending visit to U.S.: It’s time to fulfill your written promise of free elections in South Vietnam - and don’t stop there

Phan Van Khai, Vietnam’s prime minister, is scheduled on Tuesday, June 21, to be the first dictator of Vietnam to meet with a president of the United States.

Khai will meet President Bush in the White House. While he is there, Bush should give him a copy of the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, which Vietnam’s Communist government signed, and which Hanoi has yet to honor in any meaningful way.

In the Paris Peace Accords, the United States, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Viet Cong promised a cease-fire, a withdrawal of foreign troops from South Vietnam and free elections in South Vietnam.

Self-determination. Here is the preamble to the Paris Peace Accords, the "Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Viet-Nam":

"The Parties participating in the Paris Conference on Viet-Nam,

"With a view to ending the war and restoring peace in Viet-Nam on the basis of respect for the Vietnamese people's fundamental national rights and the South Vietnamese people's right to self-determination, and to contributing to the consolidation of peace in Asia and the world,

"Have agreed on the following provisions and undertake to respect and to implement them:"
  Posted On: June 20, 2005 05:35:32 AM

 Ho va Ten: Frank Warner
 Nghe Nghiep: To Vietnam dictator Phan Van Khai on your pending visit to U.S.: It’s time to fulfill your written promise of free elections in South Vietnam - and don’t stop there
 Y Kien Cua Ban: .............
Sovereignty. Among the provisions the four parties agreed to were a respect for "the independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of Viet-Nam." North Vietnam’s Communist dictators agreed to this chapter easily because it never mentions freedom or free elections. They liked the word "sovereignty" because, in a dictatorship, it means freedom only for the dictators, freedom to abuse, enslave and murder at the dictator’s whim. Unfortunately for the Hanoi dictatorship, that was not the only chapter of the Paris Peace Accords.

There was Article 7, which was supposed to keep new troops and military equipment out of South Vietnam:

"From the enforcement of the cease-fire to the formation of the government provided for in Article 9 (b) and 14 of this Agreement, the two South Vietnamese parties shall not accept the introduction of troops, military advisers, and military personnel including technical military personnel, armaments, munitions, and war material into South Viet-Nam."

(North Vietnam repeatedly denied it had troops in South Vietnam until South Vietnam surrendered in 1975, making North Vietnam’s invasion a little too obvious.)

Sacred, inalienable. And there was Article 9, "The Exercise of the South Vietnamese People’s Right to Self-Determination," which was the central point of South Vietnam’s fight with North Vietnam’s unelected regime, a dictatorship that ridiculously called itself "the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam."

Article 9 of the Paris Peace Accords:

"The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam [North Vietnam] undertake to respect the following principles for the exercise of the South Vietnamese people’s right to self-determination:

"(a) The South Vietnamese people’s right to self-determination is sacred, inalienable, and shall be respected by all countries.

"(b) The South Vietnamese people shall decide themselves the political future of South Viet-Nam through genuinely free and democratic general elections under international supervision.

"(c) Foreign countries shall not impose any political tendency or personality on the South Vietnamese people."
  Posted On: June 18, 2005 12:41:18 AM

 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
  Posted On: June 18, 2005 12:39:16 AM

 Ho va Ten: xy
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Y Kien Cua Ban: CAM ON BAN TRUNG.
Than men
  Posted On: June 17, 2005 07:24:57 AM

 Ho va Ten: Trung
 Nghe Nghiep: vuot tuong lua : 1/ https://w8.unix-si.com/dmirror/http/ + 2/ www.saigonbao.com hoac www.nationalistvietnameseforum.com hoac www.vietbao.com
 Noi Cu Ngu: Cac tinh mien Bac
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Y Kien Cua Ban: vuot tuong lua :
1/ https://w8.unix-si.com/dmirror/http/ +
2/ www.saigonbao.com hoac www.nationalistvietnameseforum.com hoac www.vietbao.com hoac www.ykien.net

https://w8.unix-si.com/dmirror/http/www.ykien.net/khieuk ien08.html CS cuop pha nhà dân Q4P9 Saigon
http://vietnam-on-line.com/anhduong/Tinthegioi/DaiKyNiem SapBiPha.htm
  Posted On: June 14, 2005 04:22:14 AM

 Y Kien Cua Ban: http://www.vietbao.com/
  Posted On: June 12, 2005 02:28:32 AM

 Ho va Ten: Cach gui thinh nguyen thu
 Nghe Nghiep: de Nick name cua ban, va gui vao nhung email TTBush,..noi dung thinh nguyen thu, hoac bai viet cua ban
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:27:22 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)

Cau tra loi cua toi la: toi cung chua co gap ai la Vietkieu bao gio ca, toi nghe noi nam nay co toi hon 300 nghin Vietkieu ve an Tet, do la tin hieu dang mung. Song chung ta co hon 2 trieu Kieu dan Vietnam o tren the gioi. Co le vi che do CS nay ma co toi hon 2 trieu nguoi phai ra sinh song o nuoc ngoai, nhung ho la nhung nguoi rat may man hon dai da so dan chung trong nuoc, dang phai chiu su kim kep. Vietkieu la nhung nguoi duoc song o the gioi co van minh dan chu thuc su, nhan quyen duoc dam bao, khac han voi cai thu dan chu gia hieu loe bip ma nguoi dan trong nuoc dang phai ganh chiu. Nam nay chinh quyen trai tham do o san bay Tan Son Nhat de don Viet kieu ve an Tet, lam rum beng lam, trong do co ca cuu pho tong thong Vietnam Cong Hoa la Nguyen Cao Ky, Ong nay toi nghe nguoi ta che ong ta nhieu hon la nguoi ta khen ong ay. Toi co cau hoi la tai sao hoi truoc doi xu voi Vietkieu nhu la phan quoc, sao bay gio thay VietKieu co nhieu tien gui ve nuoc thi lai gio tro don tiep nay no, that la lo bich. Vietkieu phai la luc luong nong cot de dau tranh cho dan chu o Vietnam. Vietkieu nen lam sao de cho dan chung trong nuoc cung duoc huong nhung van minh ma ho dang duoc huong o cac nuoc dan chu van minh tren the gioi, vi Vietnam hien nay la mot nuoc tut hau ghe ghom trong tat ca cac linh vuc so voi the gioi. Con ban than toi cung dang muon tro thanh Kieu dan vi toi cung cam thay on den tan co cai che do CS nay roi.

  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:22:27 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: (tiep theo)Noi ve tinh trang xa hoi o Vietnam hien nay cung toi te hon bao gio het, dai bao ti vi cu ra ra suot ngay ve chinh sach dai doan ket dan toc, nhung thuc te toi co thay dan Vietnam bay gio co doan ket gi dau, nha nao biet nha day, o Vietnam no co cau ”den nha ai, nha ay rang”, that bat hanh cho bat cu gia dinh nao, noi rong ra cung nhu dan toc nao ma khong biet doan ket, tuc la khong co tinh dan toc, hay con goi la ban sac, toi thay dan Vietnam khong co cai ban sac gi ca. Toi xem cac le hoi Kacnavan o Brazin, cac le hoi o cac nuoc van minh dan chu ma thay them. Tat ca nhung quoc gia co tinh truyen thong dac thu ve dan toc, hay tinh tu ton cua dan do cao thi dat nuoc do moi phat trien duoc, vi du dien hinh la thang Trung Quoc, Han Quoc, Malaysia, Singapore, Nhat ban (Japan)…Nam 2004 toi da co dip sang Singapore, dung o Singapore nhin ve Vietnam toi thay long minh buon voi voi, co le 100 nam nua Vietnam cung khong the bang duoc nhu Singapore bay gio ve tinh ton ti trat tu, cach ung xu van minh trong khi tham gia giao thong cua nguoi dan o day. Mot vi nua ve tinh doan ket dan toc cua Vietnam, vao thang 10/2004 mot sinh vien Vietnam tai Nga la Vu Anh Tuan bi danh chet mot cach vo co, ben Vietnam khong co mot thai do nao nhu la bieu tinh de bay to su cam thong truoc cai chet cua dong loai, coi nhu khong co chuyen gi xay ra, co chang chi la trao doi qua mang internet. Trong khi do toi xem thoi su, vua roi mot phong vien cua Italia bi quan doi USA ban chet khi dang lam nhiem vu tai Iraq thi co toi hon 200 nghin nguoi xuong duong bieu tinh de phan doi, mac du My va Italia la hai nuoc dong minh, qua do cho thay tinh doan ket dan toc cua Vietnam that la tham hai.

Bon thanh nien Vietnam trong nuoc bay gio duoc day do chu yeu la muu sinh ca nhan, mot so thi theo con duong den sach hoc hanh, mot so dua thanh nien nho co gia dinh giau co thi lao vao an choi dien dai nhu mot lu ngo ngan, da phan bon chung deu khong co hieu biet gi ve chinh tri, hoac hieu biet rat it, hoac co hieu biet nhung rat ngai noi ra mom, so va mieng, noi chung deu co tinh lo di khong da dong gi den chinh tri, bon chung chi lo lam sao kiem duoc nhieu tien de nhet vao cho day tui, con nhung van de lien quan den nhung bat binh trong xa hoi, van menh dat nuoc thi rat it khi de cap. Song o Vietnam, khong co dan chu no kho nhu vay day, no khong cho phep con nguoi noi ra suy nghi that cua minh, ma cu phai doi tra lan nhau de ma song. Con rat nhieu dieu thoi tha trong xa hoi chu nghia o Vietnam ma nguoi ta cu co tinh bung bit no di de cho cai che do nay no ton tai, nguoi dan thi cu phai im lang chap nhan, cuoi cung tram thu do het vao dau dan, dan Vietnam nay that cam chiu hay ho co tinh khong muon biet. Hien nay Vietnam co nhieu tri thuc hon bao gio het, rat nhieu giao su, rat nhieu tien sy, nhung sao dat nuoc Vietnam van ngheo, nhieu giao su tien sy nhu vay sao van de nong dan di tu che tao may cay, may tuot lua, the roi co hai ong nong dan yeu nghe co khi da bo ra 500 trieu dong vietnam de di che tao may bay len thang de roi bo doi no lai bat cat vao kho.
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  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:21:33 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: (tiep theo)Chinh sach dan so thi khong the hieu noi, uy ban dan so ke hoach hoa ra cai phap lenh ve dan so the nao ma lai de cho dan hieu lam la de con thu 3 thi khong bi phat, nghia la de thoai mai, moi dan den tinh trang tang dot bien ve dan so tai 38 tinh thanh trong ca nuoc, hien tai dan so Vietnam da tren 80 trieu nguoi, mot dat nuoc con ngheo doi tai sao lai de nhieu nhu vay, ro rang cai uy ban kia la vo dung hay la no co tinh lam nhu vay la co y do, ra phap lenh la phai ro rang den tung nguoi dan, chu lam gi co chuyen phap lenh o cap quoc gia ma lai de hieu lam, theo toi tinh tranh tang dan so o Vietnam hien nay la dieu NGU XUAN. Cung tuong tu nhu chinh phu cong bo tang luong cho nguoi dan, nhung nguoi dan chua duoc huong cai tang luong do thi gia ca nhu cau sinh hoat da tang len truoc, nhu vay chi lam ban cung hoa them nguoi dan lao dong ma thoi. Ro rang la co ke xau bung nam trong nhung cai chinh sach vo van kia. Tinh trang giao thong cung tuong tu, nha nuoc cho nhap o at cac loai xe may Trung Quoc ve de roi, khi cac quan thu day tui tien, duong pho day xe may nhu ong vo to, ket xe thi chi co nguoi dan la phai hung chui bui khoi xe may, con cac quan thi da ngu tren xe hoi sang trong roi. Roi lai ra chinh sach cam xe may di vao noi thanh, cam cai nay, cam cai no, cam cai kia, that ngo ngan, bon chung cu dem dan ra lam vat thi nghiem, that bi oi. Ong to xe hoi cua My la Henry Ford da phan dau cho moi gia dinh My co mot xe hoi vao nam 1920, the con dan Vietnam thi bao gio moi duoc huong cai do, khong thay cai lao chu tich nuoc Tran Duc Luong noi gi ve cai nay ca.

Ban ve nhung nguoi bi nhiem chat doc mau da cam Dioxin o Vietnam hien theo thong bao la co toi 4,5 trieu nguoi bi anh huong. Tai sao lai nhieu nhu vay, ro rang cai uy ban dan so ke hoach hoa kia lai mot lan nua vo dung, dang le ra tu lau chinh quyen da phai cong bo len rang nhung nguoi bi nhiem chat doc mau da cam thi khong nen sinh con de cai, vi con cai ho de ra se bi di tat va se la ganh nang cho gia dinh, xa hoi, va dat nuoc, ma ho nen nhan con nuoi thi tot hon, nhan dao hon. Cho den tan bay gio cung van khong thay cai chinh quyen ngu xuan kia no khuyen cao gi cho nhung nguoi dan bi nhiem chat doc mau da cam, con nguoi dan thi thieu thong tin, khong co hieu biet, va ho cu de un un toi ca ba dua con deu bi di tat vi Dioxin cong voi ong bo nua la 4 nguoi trong mot gia dinh o tinh Thai Binh thi that la thuong tam. The roi bay gio di kien cac cong ty cua My thi nguoi dan duoc va thi ma da sung, ma chac gi da kien duoc.
(con tiep)
  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:20:01 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: (tiep theo)
Theo quan diem cua toi, trong cuoc chien o mien nam Vietnam, My da chon lam nguoi. Neu nguoi dung dau chinh phu Vietnam Cong Hoa khong phai la nhung con nguoi nhu gia dinh ho Ngo thi co le bay gio mien Nam Vietnam co le sanh ngang duoc voi cac cuong quoc khac o khu vuc chau A nhu Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia…Nguoi dung dau quoc gia phai biet hy sinh rat nhieu thu, phai hy sinh nhung dac quyen dac loi, vun ven ca nhan, phai lay loi ich cua dan toc, loi ich cua quoc gia la tren het thi moi dua duoc dan toc den con duong tuoi sang. Gia dinh ho Ngo, so phan da dat mien nam Vietnam vao tay ho, nhung roi ho lai de danh mat no mot cach tham hai co le cung vi nhung ich ky ca nhan, nhung chinh sach ngu xuan cua ho Ngo, dat quyen loi ca nhan len tren loi ich dan toc.Cac chuong trinh cua dai, bao, tivi luc nao cung ra ra la phai xay dung dan giau, nuoc manh, xa hoi dan chu, cong bang, van minh nhung do chi la thu banh ve cua che do, no noi nhu con vet ai muon nghe thi nghe. Ai giau co hien nay, chi co cac quan chuc moi giau co vi tham o, con dan thuong voi dong luong ma nha nuoc tra cho khong du song thi lam sao ma giau co duoc. Nuoc lam sao ma manh duoc khi thang Trung Quoc no ngang nhien bat chet 9 ngu phu Thanh Hoa cung chi vi chinh quyen Vietnam cat dat bien gioi phia bac va nhuong phan lanh hai cho Trung Quoc qua nhieu, khong cho dan bieu tinh phan doi truoc dai su quan Trung Quoc ve vu viec tren, so Trung Quoc den the la cung, moi thu deu ram rap theo anh ca Trung Quoc. Trong khi 9 ngu dan Thanh Hoa chet tham thuong nhu vay ma dai truyen hinh Vietnam dua tin va phan ung rat cham chap, ngay luc do lai co chuong trinh ca nhac cua cac ca sy noi tieng nua mua trong nuoc nhu My Linh, My Tam, Thanh Lam…tai Da nang ma khong he doai hoai gi den cai chet cua dong bao ngu dan, bon ca sy nay kiem duoc rat nhieu bac ty nho thi hieu tam thuong cua gioi tre trong nuoc, hat ho nhu bon ca sy nay thi khong bao gio mo toi duoc doat giai Grammy ca, bon chung chang giup ich duoc gi cho cai dat nuoc con ngheo doi nay ca, mac du kiem duoc nhieu tien nhu vay ma co nhieu dua con dang tim cach tron dong thue thu nhap day, that la tom lom, truoc do Phan Van Khai va Co Tu Lien con nang coc chuc mung 55 nam quan he huu nghi Viet –Trung tot dep, that doi tra het muc
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  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:19:12 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: (tiep theo)Cau hoi thu nhat: “XIN CHO BIET CAM NGHI VUI BUON CUA BAN NHAN DIP 30 NAM KY NIEM 30 THANG TU”.
Cau tra loi cua toi la: ai do vui ve chu con toi thi toi buon tham chi la rat buon ve tinh hinh hien tai cua Vietnam. Toi buon cho so phan dan toc Vietnam, toi buon vi tuong lai am dam cua Vietnam duoi su lanh dao cua doc dang doc tai toan tri di nguoc voi xu the chung cua the gioi. Tu dau thang 3/2005 truyen hinh Vietnam suot ngay ra rich gam nham cai chien thang 30/4/1975, suot ngay ca ngoi Vietnam anh hung danh thang ca de quoc My to lon hung manh. Theo toi nhung cai thu do no au tri qua roi, bay gio da la the ky 21 roi, danh My de lam cai gi, danh My de roi hang trieu sinh mang con nguoi da phai hy sinh, bay gio cung la hang trieu con nguoi Vietnam phai chiu hau qua cua chien tranh do la nhiem phai chat doc mau da cam Dioxin, danh My de roi sau 30 nam giai phong dat nuoc thi Vietnam van la mot trong nhung quoc gia ngheo nhat the gioi, dieu nay moi la mot noi nhuc to lon cua dan toc Vietnam. Thuc ra theo toi duoc biet, My da hao tai ton cua o mien Nam Vietnam la de muon ngan chan chu nghia cong san lan tran xuong khu vuc Dong Nam A, con dan toc Vietnam da phai hung chiu cac hau qua tan khoc giua hai chu nghia quoc te la chu nghia tu ban va chu nghia cong san. Truoc day Sai gon noi tieng la hon ngoc vien dong, vay bay gio no la cai gi, toi xin man phep lay so lieu cua TS kinh te Le Dang Doanh: “Neu ma moc tinh la nam 1950, thu nhap binh quan dau nguoi cua Viet Nam bang 80,5% cua Thai Lan, thi nam 1999 chung ta chi con bang 20%. So voi Han Quoc thi nam 1950 ta bang 85,5%, tuc la Han Quoc voi Viet Nam luc bay gio cung doi nhu nhau, con bay gio ta chi con bang khoang do 11, 12% Han Quoc. Luc bay gio ta giau co hon Trung Quoc, Trung Quoc luc bay gio doi kho hon ta. Ta bay gio thu nhap binh quan dau nguoi bang khoang 20% Trung Quoc ma thoi”.
  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:18:31 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: --
  Posted On: June 11, 2005 10:16:48 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Cam on ban Hoai Nam nhieu.
Cac ban da xem bai viet va noi chuyen (co the download copy vao bang doc dan) cua Vinh Nhu, Le Van Xuong trong www.nationalistvietnameseforum.com
Nhung bai viet do du thuyet phuc ve hiem hoa Tau doi voi su suy thoai van hoa moi truong an ninh cua nuoc ta.
Nhung bai viet cua Tran Trung Dao tren www.danchimviet.com, www.talawas.de rat de doc va thuc te. Nhung bai viet tren www.vietbao.com cua Tran Khai, Vo Thanh Van, Muong Giang, Nguyen Xuan Nghia...
Nhan day co mot bai de cac ban doc va cho moi nguoi cung doc nhe.
Tac gia o trong nuoc gui qua:
bai viet nay toi viet khi duoc anh Huy Phuong o dai VOA phong van, anh Huy Phuong co hoi toi hai cau hoi va toi da tra loi bang email nhu sau day noi len y kien cua toi, trong nuoc toi khong co duoc tieng noi cua minh, mong duoc dua ra mot vai y kien cung tham gia voi cac anh tren mang nationalistvietnameseforum.com de cung thao luan. Noi dung nhu sau day:
Toi rat han hanh duoc tra loi phong van cua dai VOA. Sau day toi se xin lan luot tra loi hai cau hoi tren cua Qui dai. Truoc het toi la mot con nguoi rat binh thuong o dat nuoc nay, song duoi thoi loan lac ma dai bao Ha noi luon ca tung do la cai che do xa hoi chu nghia o Vietnam, ma tren thuc te no da sup do hau het o cac nuoc tren the gioi. Toi se phat bieu tren quan diem cua ca nhan toi ve tinh hinh thuc tai cua Vietnam, cai thuc te ma Vietnam dang co, dat nuoc ma the he tre da va dang phai chat vat de ton tai muu sinh, mot che do gia doi.

(con tiep)
  Posted On: June 11, 2005 02:47:41 PM

 Ho va Ten: Tran Hao Nam
 Nghe Nghiep: Van Phong
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Chia se voi ban DONG NHAN123:

De khong so thang Tu Cong. VN nen de MY muon cang Cam Ranh. Neu dip di MY nay ma Phan Van Khai lam duoc dieu do thi VN de do lo thang Tau. Cho muon cang Cam Ranh co 2 dieu loi:

1/ Thang Tau se so set (co le se co lap VN hon), nhung My se yem tro VN het suc.
2/ Du sao di nua cho muon cung con co ngoai te va khu vuc quanh Cam Ranh/Nha trang se phat trien manh hon

Du sao choi voi thang "De Quoc My" van co loi hon choi voi thang TA`u.

Vai loi gop y nho nho. Chuc ca ban vui ve.
  Posted On: June 11, 2005 02:48:16 AM

 Ho va Ten: xy
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Vie^.t Nam, 30 Na(m Sau: Mo^.t Trung Hoa Hay Nhie^`u Trung Quo^'c\?

Vo~ Tha`nh Va(n
Mu+o+`i na(m tru+o+'c, i't ai ngo+` la` binh li'nh My~ la.i co' ma(.t o+? Georgia hay Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan hoa(.c Ukraine se~ nga? theo phi'a da^n chu?\. Cu~ng i't ai ngo+` la` Ba('c Ha`n tro+? tha`nh mo^'i nguy ha.ch ta^m cho DDo^ng A', hoa(.c Nha^.t Ba?n ro^`i Nam Ha`n se~ ta'i pho^'i tri' qua^n lu+.c dde^? co' kha? na(ng can thie^.p chu? ddo^.ng ra ngoa`i la~nh tho^? - la` ddie^`u ddang xa?y ra\... va` Lie^n bang DDu+'c se~ giao ke^'t vo+'i Lie^n bang Nga\. Mu+o+`i na(m tru+o+'c, the^' gio+'i co`n hoa`i nghi ve^` su+'c na(.ng Trung Quo^'c sau khu?ng hoa?ng chi'nh tri. da^~n to+'i vu. ta`n sa't Thie^n an mo^n 1989 ma` i't ai ngo+` la` Hoa lu.c ddang tro+? tha`nh mo^.t trung ta^m kinh te^' cu?a the^' gio+'i..Tru+o+'c nhu+~ng bie^'n chuye^?n a^'y, Hoa Ky` se~ pha?i cha^'n chi?nh ddo^'i sa'ch cu?a mi`nh vo+'i Trung Quo^'c\.
ca? chi'nh phu? la^~n Quo^'c ho^.i My~ pha?i co^ng nha^.n ra(`ng Trung Quo^'c ddang la` mo^'i dde do.a cho su+. o^?n ddi.nh DDo^ng A' va` cha'nh sa'ch cu?a My~ kho^ng co`n thi'ch ho+.p, la` ddie^`u ba('t dda^`u ddu+o+.c ne^u ra tu+` na(m ngoa'i\.
Nhu+ va^.y, trong vo`ng na(m mu+o+`i na(m to+'i, nhu+~ng gi` co' the^? xa?y ra\?
Trung Quo^'c co' the^? bi. khu?ng hoa?ng kinh te^', ga^`n la` tu+` giu+~a na(m nay, xa la` va`o cuo^'i na(m to+'i khi ca'c nga^n ha`ng pha?i mo+? cu+?a ca.nh tranh\.Tu+` dda^'y khu?ng hoa?ng kinh te^' co' the^? bie^'n ra ddo^.ng loa.n xa~ ho^.i trong suo^'t ca'c na(m 2006 dde^'n 2008, trong khi Ba('c Kinh la.i co^' ke^`m ha~m dde^? bie^?u du+o+ng tha`nh ti'ch nha^n The^' va^.n ho^.i Ba('c Kinh 2008\. Sau ddo', khu?ng hoa?ng xa~ ho^.i se~ do^.i le^n tha`nh khu?ng hoa?ng chi'nh tri. xa'c sua^'t cu?a mo^.t cuo^.c khu?ng hoa?ng da^y chuye^`n nhu+ va^.y dda~ chi? co' ta(ng chu+' kho^ng gia?m\.

Ba mu+o+i na(m tru+o+'c, Hoa Ky` co' the^? dda~ buo^ng mie^`n Nam dde^? dda.t tho?a hie^.p vo+'i Trung Quo^'c va` gi`n giu+~ ddu+o+.c DDa`i Loan hay be^nh vu+.c ddu+o+.c Israel\. Trong na(m mu+o+`i na(m to+'i, Trung Quo^'c co' the^? bi. pha^n ho'a tha`nh nhie^`u quo^'c gia "bie^'t ddie^`u ho+n", hoa(.c co' the^? tro+? tha`nh mo^.t nu+o+'c hung ha(ng qua^n phie^.t dde^? cu+'u va~n quye^`n lu+.c cu?a dda?ng Co^.ng sa?n\. Trong nga^`n a^'y gia? thuye^'t, Vie^.t Nam dde^`u kho' ddu+o+.c ye^n\.
La^`n na`y, la~nh dda.o Ha` No^.i se~ xu+? tri' ra sao\? Va` gia?i thi'ch the^' na`o ve^` ti`nh nghi~a ddo^`ng minh giu+~a hai nu+o+'c xa~ ho^.i chu? nghi~a\?
  Posted On: June 10, 2005 11:55:00 PM

 Ho va Ten: dongnhan123
 Nghe Nghiep: sv
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Ban Linh noi dung lam.
Dieu dau tien la tra lai cho Nhan Dan VN quyen toi thieu lam nguoi, quyen di bau nguoi dai dien chan chinh, quyen phe truat nhung bon ban nuoc tay sai cho ngoai bang (TAU)
Toi duoc mot ban gui cho doan email sau day, trich de cac ban xem:

Mot so chuyen de rut ra "bai hoc lich su!"

Cau chuyen lich su thu nhat la cau chuyen Trieu Quoc mat ve tay Tan Quoc. Muon tien ve Dong, Tan phai thon tinh Trieu. Chien luoc nao do ton kem xuong mau va quoc kho nhat day?
Danh nguoi? Danh thanh? Hay danh ca hai? Pha`m chuyen doi va thuc tai, bao gio cung co cai goi la cai then chot quyet dinh chuyen lon. Sach luoc cuoi cung ma Tan Thuy Hoang chon la ke hoach dung vang bac de mua chuoc "ke tham then chot trong bon ninh than" va de diet "nguoi tai then chot trong gioi trung than." Neu Doc Chien Quoc Sach se biet "the rest of the story."

Cau chuyen lich su thu hai la cau chuyen tai sao Dai So bi Tan diet. Bai dieu van khoc cho van nuoc va tram minh duoi dong song cua hien si yeu nuoc de canh cao nha Vua So.

cau chuyen thu ba thi co tinh can da su, do la cau chuyen mot nang Kieu trong tuong lai cua Viet Nam se bi mot "Ho Ton Hien" tuong lai cung dung muu de tieu diet mot "Tu Hai" Viet tuong lai!

Cuong Tan ngay xua can diet Trieu de xua quan ve Dong va ve Nam. Cuong Tan ngay nay (chu China tu chu Ch'in ma ra) cung can phai "lay nhu khong lay" Viet-Nam de tien xuong Dong Nam A. Cuong Tan muon thuc hien "regional hegemony" (ba quyen khu vuc), thi truoc nhat phai bien Dong Nam A thanh "the Chinese sphere of influence." Tau khong the tien ra phia Dong vi dung phai Nhat va Dai Han. Tau khong tien len phia Bac vi dung phai Nga. Tau khong the tien xuong Nam A vi dung phai An (nhung da co dong minh nguyen tu Pakistan kiem chan An Do roi). Tau khong an cai giai gi de tien ve phia Tay (My dang nam Afg). Chi con "mot sinh lo" mo ra cho Trung Quoc Vi Dai: tien ve Dong Nam A. Tuyet voi! Tau chi can bo ra mot ti do la de co mot lanh tu than Tau o VN, the la xong doi Trieu Quoc! Nhung nhan vat "Liem Kha" se bi triet ha!

Doc lai nhung bai cu tren web nay, chung ta tim thay nhung tam long yeu nuoc nong nan, chan that nhat, cac ban co khoe khong?

Ban Nguoi di doi cong ly lau khong thay viet. Mong ban khoe.

Toi se trich nhung doan ma toi thay la quan trong gui vao day de cac ban cung xem. Cac ban trong nuoc nen gioi thieu va phat tan de nhan dan minh biet NHUNG GI THANG TAU DA LAM:
-Xay dap chan nuoc song Mekong (14 dap tren thuong nguon)
-Lam cho dong bang song Cuu Long hien nay bi nuoc bien tran vao, khong che nguon nuoc cua MNam
-Phong toa bien Dong, thuyen be den gan khu vuc chung da bo tri cong trinh ngam, bi mat tich, bi danh dam, phai dat cau hoi tai sao chung khong cho nguoi VN den gan nhung khu vuc ma chung da bo tri..de de phong
-Trong quan doi da co mot luc luong bi mat cua Tau, chung khong noi tieng Viet, chung khong phai la nguoi Viet thuoc vung Hoa nam (co dong mau Bach Viet), chung la nhung ten SS--khi co su co, chung se thang tay doi voi dan ta. DAY LA LUC LUONG NGUY HIEM DANG NAM TREN LANH THO VN
-Bon Tau da chuan bi xong ke hoach khi chien su xay ra. Chung ta se bi chung tan cong tu ben trong, nen chung rat huenh hoang tuyen bo duong dau voi My tren khong gian...
-Chung se dung chien tranh vi trung, hoa hoc, hien nay cac dich cum HN5 chi la thu nghiem.

-My da bat dau cuoc chien tranh

GIOI THIEU CAC WEBSITE.. de moi nguoi vao xem cap nhat tinh hinh

Hay viet thu cho tong thong Bush va Rice, du viet tieng Viet cung duoc, bay to y kien cua minh nhan dip sap toi Thu tuong PVK qua My

dia chi: president@whitehouse.gov

  Posted On: June 10, 2005 08:10:17 AM

 Ho va Ten: Hoang Lan
 Nghe Nghiep: Ky sU
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Da biet ve CCVCL, muon ung ho
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Pahn Van Khai di My, chung ta phai chat van ong ta ve nhieu van de nan giai o VN nhu: Tu do ton giao, Tu nhan chinh tri, Nan tham nhung.... va tuong lai cua VN.
  Posted On: June 10, 2005 06:03:58 AM

 Ho va Ten: xy
 Nghe Nghiep: ky su
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Da biet ve CCVCL, muon ung ho
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Trong www.nationalistvietnameseforum.com
cac ban co the nghe va doc bai ve tinh hinh the gioi va quan he My Trung
Do la nhung bai rat quan trong. De nghi quang ba cho nhan dan minh
  Posted On: June 10, 2005 03:36:04 AM

 Ho va Ten: vu hien
 Nghe Nghiep: sinh vien
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: cac ban hay vao xem www.vietbao.com

nhung bai hay cua Tran Khai, Muong Giang, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Vo Thanh Van, v.v..

gan day da noi duoc tat ca nhung gi can noi de long dan Viet thuc tinh
  Posted On: June 10, 2005 03:33:46 AM

 Ho va Ten: cac ban xem www.vietbao.com
 Nghe Nghiep: nhung bai hay cua Tran Khai, Muong Giang, Nguyen Xuan Nghia, Vo Thanh Van, v.v..
  Posted On: June 09, 2005 10:28:33 PM

 Ho va Ten: vu hien
 Nghe Nghiep: sinh vien
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Tim tren mang luoi (vo tinh)
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Xin mo cac ban trong dien ddan ddo^i lo+`i. Ca'c ba.n tre? Vie^.t Nam Tha^n me^?n , nhu+?ng ngu+o+?i mo^.t lo`ng vi` mo^.t Vie^.t Nam tu+ do - da^n chu?\.Que^ Hu+o+ng la` gi ho+? me., ai quye^n se~ kho^ng lo+'n no^?i thanh ngu+o+`i\. DDu+'ng tru+o+'c su+. suy vong da^n to^.c , chu'ng ta , nhu+~ng ba.n tre? Viet Nam , chu`ng ta ha~y ddoa`n ke^'t la.i, cu`ng nhau xo'a bo? con quoa'i va^.t ddang kia, no' dda~ ngu+. tri. qua' la^u ro^`i, dda~ huy? ha.i da^n, huy? hoa.i dda^'t nu+o+'c que^ hu+o+ng chu'ng ta nhu+ va^.y la` ddu? ro^`i, kho^ng the^? dde^? ho. tie^'p tu.c la`m nhu+ the^' nu+~a\. Tru+o+'c tie^n Vu~ Hie^`n xin no'i le^n nha^.n ddi.nh cu?a Vu~ Hie^`n ve^` \... tuo^?i tre? Vie^.t Nam hie^.n nay\. "tha(`ng Gia(.c thie^'u hie^?u bie^'t " da~ va` ddang nga`y ca`ng lo+'n ma.nh, no' dda~ la`m lo+'p tre? Vie^.t Nam trong nu+o+'c tro+? ne^n nhu't nha't, nhu nhu+o+.c, ma^'t he^'t ba?n li~nh cu?a ngu+o+`i tre Vie^.t Nam, tha^.m chi' ma^'t he^'t ti'nh ngu+o+`i, die^?n hinh nhu vu. : mo^.t bang da?ng o+? Ha Noi \.. du. do^~ con ga'i va dem ba'n qua Trung Quoc, da^m che'm, ma.i da^m tra`n lan \... ho. kie^'m tie^`n ba(`ng mo.i ca'ch, quye^n he^'t ti'nh ngu+o+`i, va^.y da^u la` nguye^n nha^n cu?a thu+.c tra.ng na`y\. Con qua'i va^.t dda?ng la nguye^n nha^n \... la nguye^n ca(n cu?a su+. suy ta`n Da^n To^.c Vie^.t Nam\. Ne^'u ca'c ba.n ddo.c ba'o trong nu+o+'c se tha^'y , ga^`n dda^y ngu+o+`i ta truy tim nhu+.ng tu. ddie^?m a(n cho+i kie^?u "thu' va^.t" nhu+?ng ddu+o+`ng da^y ga'i go.i ha.ng sang, gianh rie^ng cho ca'c dda.i gia \? va^.y ai la` dda.i gia \?. nhu+ng ngu+o+.c la.i , mo^.t so^' it ca'c ban ra^'t tha`nh ta^m vo+'i da^'t nu+o+'c, nhu+ng kho^ng bie^'t pha?i la`m the^' na`o \?
no'i ddi no'i la.i kho^ng he^'t to^.i con qua'i va^.t dda?ng na`y, muo^'n xo'a bo? no' chu'ng ta co`n pha?i la`m nhie^u , la`m nhie^`u ho+n nu+~a, chu'ng ta ha~y ke^u go.i ta^' ca? con da^n Vie^.t Nam ,nha^'t la` ca'c ba.n tre?, ha~y ra'ng su+'c, la`m mo^` ma? dde^ tie^~n ddu+a con quai va^.t na`y ve^` vo+'i Satan\.
vay thi ca^u ho?i ne^u ra o dda^y : chu'ng ta se~ pha?i la`m gi \? la`m nhu+ the^' na`o \? chu'ng ta se~ giu+.a va`o internet dde^? ddu+a su+. tha^.t ve^` Vie^.t Nam, chu'ng ta se~ dda^?y ma.nh , phong tra`o Da^n Chu? be^n nha`,
mo^.t ddie^`u ma` chu'ng ta kho^ng the^? bo qua : pha?i co tri, "pha?i co su+. hie^?u bie^'t", pha?i nha^.n thu+'c ddu+o+.c su+. tha^.t, cha^n ly', kie^n tri` dde^'n cu`ng, la`m theo su+. tha^.t, cha^n ly'\. ne^'u mo^.t ai ddo' ha'o danh lo+.i qua con ddu+o+ng da^'u tranh na`y, chi? dde^? a(n sung ma(.c xu+o+ng thi` xin ru't lui xo+'m\. Vu~ Hie^`n kinh gu?i ca'c ba.n ga^`n xa\.
  Posted On: June 09, 2005 03:47:50 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguyen Hung Linh
 Nghe Nghiep: Giao Vien
 Noi Cu Ngu: Cac tinh mien Trung
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Y Kien Cua Ban: Xa Hoi Viet Nam Rat can co CONG LY, va muon co cong ly thi phai co mot chinh quyen cong minh. Hien nay nan tham nhung dang la quoc nan, lan tran tu tren xuong duoi nhu mot can benh bat tri thi khong the nao co CONG LY duoc. Con cach tri benh nhu the nao thi cac cap lanh dao da hieu nhung khong dam lam thoi. Buon thay !!!!
  Posted On: May 27, 2005 12:09:05 AM

 Ho va Ten: DIEU COT YEU NHAT: HIEU BAN CHAT VA KHONG BI LUA DOI NUA! Khong co the luc den toi My, dieu do la bip bom hoan toan, nhung My chi co the GIUP vao khi NHAN DAN VIETNAM CHINH LA LANH TU VI LONG DAN CHINH LA LANH TU ANH MINH, khong so, khong bi mac lua (kinh nghiem cua Ukraine, Georgia, Pakistan, Uzbeckistan..) Lua chay o ben trong long LANH TU NHAN DAN-- ma ngon lua thi nay co the nguoi nay, mai nguoi khac, khong quan trong nhat thiet la 1 nguoi, DAN Viet Nam, neu biet Yeu nuoc, dung day doi tu do, dan chu ... thi chac chan My se giup vi chinh quyen loi cua ho la Dan chu toan cau. Cho nen day la DIP ( thoi the ) de tao ANH HUNG. Toan dan dam dung len tranh dau se tro thanh ANH Hung Dan Toc. My da noi rang: CHUNG TOI SE UNG HO DAN CHU TOAN CAU. Dieu do co nghia la Nhan dan bat cu o nuoc nao: Pakistan, Georgia, Ukraina... la nguoi CO TIENG NOI CUOI CUNG. NHAN DAN, toan dan, khi nam lay THOI (the) se TRO THANH ANH HUNG--- NHAT DINH THANG: Neu biet dung len, trong CO HOI LICH SU tren the gioi NGAY HOM NAY
  Posted On: May 26, 2005 11:52:51 PM

 Ho va Ten: Trai Sai Gon Gai Ha Noi noi dung lam. Bao gio cho toan dan 64 tinh thanh va 80 trieu dong bao hieu ro cai a'o CS da qua muc roi, phai may ao khac, dung co va viu nua. Co hieu ban chat moi khong cho mong nhung bong bong xa phong: nhung doi moi hua hen mua thoi gian, de roi nguoi Vietnam bien thanh nguoi Tau het da~, de cho bon khon kiep tay sai du thu ngoai bang cot lam giau tren su tieu tan toan dien cua dat Viet, nguoi Viet, to quoc Viet...Hieu de hieu co ban ma khong chiu mac muu, ma biet phai lam gi huu hieu chong lai MOI TUYEN TRUYEN BIP BOM LUU MANH!!!! Lam gi co Dien bien hoa binh? Dien bien hoa binh thuc chat la dua ca the gioi hoa hop, dai dong, bien Viet nam hay mot nuoc nao do thanh phon thinh, cong bang, ly tuong, TU DO cho moi nguoi, duoc lam nguoi, duoc noi nhung suy nghi cai dau oc co the nghi ra, khi gioi giang, yeu nuoc, thang hoa...DAY LA DIEU BON LUU MANH BAN NUOC SO DAN BIET. Dan biet dan se co tinh than VO UY, khong so hai nua. Se lat con thuyen cua nhung ke cuop do. TRANG TRON BI OI VA THAM HIEM la ban chat cua bon HAN, TAU, TAY SAI. Hay phan biet bon day trong tung ngo xom, thon xa, phuong khom. Hay giao duc thuong yeu tat ca dong bao, doan ket xung quanh nhung nguoi dam hy sinh vi nghia lon cho dan toc minh: doi tu do, dan chu, doi tro ve hien phap 46, quy dinh quyen tu quyet, di bau cua moi nguoi dan, bau ra cap cao nhat. Dang phai nao cung se phai duoc dan bau. Chi co mot con duong do moi cho phep ANH HUNG CUU NUOC va NGHIA SY co the lam viec duoc.
  Posted On: May 10, 2005 12:43:22 PM

 Ho va Ten: Trai Sai Gon
 Nghề nghiệp: Ban “gai Ha Noi” that la tuyet voi. Toi thay dung ghe. Nhu o trong Sai Gon nay bon quan tham an tien quy hoac kiem loi ca ty dola My dut tui rieng. Vi du nhu o Thu Thiem luc giai toa chung tra cho nguoi dan 500.000 dong/m2. So dat do chia noi bo, may thang cho de UBND, mat tran thanh Uy, Ban, so cac nganh, Cong An (noi chung la lu dau nau) mot thang tu vai ngha den vai chuc ngan m2. Bay gio gia dat khoang 14 trieu/m2 chung ban ra thang trieu phu dola My de dang. Con bao nhieu vu quy hoach duoi Thu Duc, Binh Chanh, Dong Nai, tien an bac Ty. Du ma may thang cong san. Chung lam giau tren mo hoi nuoc mat cua nguoi dan. Vay ma luon mieng Dang ta anh hung, tai gioi, vi dan va do dan. Toi thay tuc lon mau cai lu deu gia. Dang cong san cho ma va nhung ke ung ho chung la nhung ke dang bi nguyen rua.
  Posted On: April 16, 2005 09:20:29 PM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Giai phong Viet Nam, chung ta cung quyet tien buoc, diet giac cong tac, pha tan be lu buon dan, ban nuoc, oi xuong tan mau roi long han thu ngat troi, dat nuoc bao nhieu nam bi xeo day, day Cuu Long hung trang, day Hong Ha vinh quang, thuc giuc doan ta xung phong di giet giac cong tac, vai sat vai chung mot nuoc Viet, vung len nhan dan Viet Nam anh hung, vung len xong pha vuot qua bao bung, the cuu lay nuoc Viet, the hy sinh den cung, cam guom om sung xong toi, van nuoc da den roi binh minh chieu khap noi, dung xay non nuoc tham tuoi muon doi.
  Posted On: April 12, 2005 09:25:04 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Neu tang gia ma khong danh giac cong tac, thi thang giac cong tac no cuop lua ta........, ta lo tang gia ma ta ra suc, ma ta ra suc danh giac cong tac, neu tang gia ma lo danh giac cong tac, thi thang giac cong tac no chet voi ta.
  Posted On: April 11, 2005 09:04:01 PM

 Ho va Ten: Viet kieu yeu nuoc
 Noi Cu Ngu: O nuoc Ngoai
 Ban Biet Trang Web Nay Tu Dau: Ban be gioi thieu
 Nghề nghiệp: Noi thi hay nhung chung ta da dong gop duoc gi cho dat nuoc nhi, Thoi chui boi nhieu lam gi. cu gui tien ve VN ma xay dung que huong thi tu khac xa hoi se tien bo va thay doi.
  Posted On: April 11, 2005 09:34:26 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Doan quan Viet Nam di, chung long cuu quoc, buoc chan don vang tren duong gap ghenh xa, giac cong tac uong mau dong bao ca nuoc, sung ngoai xa chen khuc quan hanh ca, duong vinh quanh xay xac giac cong tac, thang gian lao ben gan lap chien khu, vi nhan dan chien dau khong ngung, tien mau ra sa truong, tien len, cung tien len, nuoc non Viet Nam ta vung ben. doan quan Viet Nam di, tam hon phap phoi, dat giong noi que huong qua noi lam than, tu bao lau ta nuot cam hon, quyet hy sinh doi ta tuoi tham hon, the phanh thay uong mau giac cong tac,tien mau ra sa truong, tien len cung tien len, nuoc non Viet Nam ta vung ben.
  Posted On: April 04, 2005 07:02:04 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguyen Tuong Thinh
 Nghề nghiệp: Kien truc su, Kinh mong dong bao Bac va Nam , Trong nuoc va Hai ngoai, cghung ta hay cung dung chung mot mat tran , doan ket , cung mot la co, do la la co TINH THUONG ma chung ta co the thay tren www.mattrantinhthuong.com
  Posted On: April 03, 2005 05:47:49 AM

 Ho va Ten: Xin moi cac ban xem bai cua NGUYEN XUAN NGHIA trong www.vietbao.com "Trong thuy o re" de thay chi co mot con duong duy nhat la lay lai dat nuoc VN cho nguoi VN lay lai quyen lam nguoi VN cho nguoi VN. Ai ngan can quyen chinh dang do? de lam gi? Nha van VN da noi: chung la thai thu than viet oc tau. Ca dat nuoc Viet 80 trieu dong bao DONG TAM danh duoi ke thu Tau va Tay sai cua chung, gianh lai dat nuoc! Do la nhiem vu cap bach ngay bay gio, de cho con chau muon doi duoc song lam nguoi Viet, chu khong phai bi dong hoa thanh chu khach Tau.
 Nghề nghiệp: NHAN CHAN KE THU: chung muon gi, da dang se lam gi, va mot dat nuoc da bi Tau dieu khien: con re Tau, nhap lau ho khau, no cam nam sinh mang dan Viet, coi nhu co rac, no giet ngu dan, hang van nguoi Viet yeu nuoc bi giet am tham trong nhung nam qua, cac si quan bi giet dan dan, thu vu khi vi trung khien nhung benh dich, benh la xuat hien, moi truong o nhiem nang ne, nhuong dat nhuong bien, cho 1 ty ba tram trieu dan tau di lai thoai mai tren dat Viet, tinh bao gian diep giang bay khap nuoc, tang cuong chuyen bay den Sai gon bang may bay lon co the chuyen quan... rap tam xay dap thuy dien Son la de pha hoai phong thuy linh dia mien Bac, lam kinh te VN pha san vi hang hoa Tau tran ngap, nhap ho khau lau vao SG tran lan. Chi co phuc vu cho nha nuoc nguoi Viet nao trang Tau, de mat nuoc, dong hoa, nuoc tan thi lieu con nha khong? DE NGHI PHO BIEN BAI CUA NGUYEN XUAN NGHIA cho nhan dan ta hieu, dung de chet khong hieu tai sao va ai giet ta
  Posted On: April 03, 2005 05:06:42 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Danh dich dang,danh dich dang, bay giac cong tac phai danh cho chung nhung don dau, danh dich dang danh dich dang, bay giac cong tac phai danh cho chung het ngong cuong, Viet Nam cua ta dau co phai ao nha cua chung, que huong ta khong cho chung duoc hanh hung, dap dau chung xuong dat, dim chung xuong bien khoi, dan toc ta mot dan toc anh hung, toan the gioi dung ben ta mot long, dap tan am muu ngu dan, tieu diet het nhung lu ban nuoc, toan dan Viet Nam san sang chien dau, gin giu non song.
  Posted On: March 18, 2005 11:56:58 AM

 Ho va Ten: Gai Ha Noi
 Noi Cu Ngu: Tp. Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Con thang cho de an cut thoi noi bay ba nao khong? Hom nay chi dang ngua lon nen thang nao an cut cho dau ba dau vao day de chi kep dau vao lon cho do ngua. Ma cu nha chung may may thang ngu ung ho cai che do doc tai. Ngu qua chi vua ia vua dai vua danh ram vao mat day nhe.
  Posted On: March 18, 2005 11:50:07 AM

 Ho va Ten: Gai Ha Noi
 Noi Cu Ngu: Tp. Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: May thang cong san chung no an gi ma ngu hon con cho hon con bo. Tham nhung chong cai cut duoc neu cu de the nay. Luong lanh dao thang duoc vai trieu thi song the cut nao duoc. Chua he phai dong tien len tren de duoc giu cai ghe. Chung no an mot thi thiet hai cho dan Viet Nam 10. Boi the dan Viet Nam ngheo mai ma lu mat lon khon nan co tien trieu tien ty. Ma me cha tien su chung no, chung no giu cai che do doc tai nay la phai. Yeu nuoc cai cu cac, chung no la phuong con diem an cut liem lon di. Chi co nhung thang ngu moi ung ho cai che do doc tai nay.
  Posted On: March 18, 2005 11:41:30 AM

 Ho va Ten: Gai Ha Noi
 Noi Cu Ngu: Tp. Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Dit me may thang lanh dao cong san ngu hon bo. Chung mang vu kien da cam lam rum beng ma dech chu thu thap thong tin can than. Luat su thi nhu cut. Muon thang kien vu an lon nhu the nay phai tim luat gioi chu. Dang xin xo vao WTO ma mang vu da lam lam um xum, the la nam 2005 het vao duoc. Hang det may Trung quoc nhan viec bo han ngach danh vao cac nuoc thanh vien WTO nhu vu bao, hang det Viet nam mat me no co hoi roi. Cham 1-2 nam bay gio la mat ca chuc nam de khoi phuc. Cac em thay may thang mat lon cong san no ngu khong? Nhung thang lanh dao khong dang duoc liem lon chi.
  Posted On: March 18, 2005 11:28:00 AM

 Ho va Ten: Gai Ha Noi
 Noi Cu Ngu: Tp. Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Tien su cha may thang cho de benh vuc cai che do cong san doc tai. Yeu nuoc cai ma me chung may. Viet nam la dat nuoc cua chi tat nhien chi phai yeu chu. Dit con me chung may chung may ngu qua yeu nuoc la yeu nuoc chu khong phai yeu cai cai dang khon nan cho de mat lon cong san. Mai kia khi co dan chu, chi se kep dau thang nong duc manh, phan van khai vao lon chi ma kep. Tien su cha chung no chung no an hoi lo, tham nhung nen chung no lua may thang oc cho chung may la yeu nuoc. Yeu nuoc thuc su thi cu de dan dinh doat tuong lai chu khong phai yeu nuoc la yeu dang doc tai. Dit me nhung thang oc cho, ca lo nha chung may dit nhau trong hom ao quan dem 30. Chung may ngu con hon cho, an cut chi day nay cho no khon ra.
  Posted On: March 18, 2005 05:45:32 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Thang cong tac no quen mom khoac lac, rang cai Mac Le no vo dich tren doi, cac co chu phuong Tay voi Do La xanh ron, chung voi sup xuong liem theo giay Meo...
  Posted On: March 09, 2005 04:03:51 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Ai lo tang gia ma khong ra suc, ma khong ra suc danh giac cong tac giu lang, a oi; ai lo tang gia ma khong ra suc, ma khong ra suc danh giac cong tac giu lang; neu tang gia ma khong danh giac cong tac, thi thang giac cong tac no cuop lua ta, neu danh giac cong tac ma khong tang gia, lay gi day nuoi quan danh giac cong tac; Ta lo tang gia ma ta ra suc, ma ta ra suc danh giac cong tac giu lang, a oi; ta lo tang gia ma ta ra suc danh giac cong tac giu lang; neu tang gia ma lo danh giac cong tac, thi thang giac cong tac no chet voi ta, neu danh giac cong tac ma lo tang gia, co nhieu luong nuoi quan danh giac cong tac...
  Posted On: March 06, 2005 06:36:49 AM

 Ho va Ten: Nguoi Ha Noi
 Nghề nghiệp: Viet Nam bao nam rong ren xiet lam than, duoi ach giac cong tac tham tan khat mau sai lang, loai cong tac cuop tien cua, cuop doi song nhan dan minh; nao nha tu nao trai giam biet bao nhieu nhuc hinh; dong bao tuot guom vung len; da den ngay tra moi thu chung; mau mau vai ke vai khong phan gia tre trai hay gai, co tien len, ta di len, ta diet quan thu, Viet Nam Viet Nam, oi dat Viet yeu dau ngan thu, Viet Nam Viet Nam muon nam.....
  Posted On: March 02, 2005 09:08:37 AM

 Ho va Ten: cam on ban da viet nhung dieu ma nhan dan nghi
 Nghề nghiệp: Bao gio moi nguoi hoac da so deu hieu nhu ban thi nuoc Vietnam quy gia cua ta se buoc vao mot ky nguyen DIEU KY.
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