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  Posted On: March 26, 2017 10:13:54 AM

 Name: Leo Carter
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 Comments: This is a new Email address. Are the pictures of Steve Kenny and Dan Mullaly from the 2003 Reunion or the 2008 Reunion? (if there was a Reunion in 2008)
  Posted On: February 07, 2017 02:27:43 PM

 Name: Joe Sheridan
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 Comments: I attended St. Mary's from 1955-1958.I graduated in 1958 and proceeded to Novitiate in Woodstock and then onto Keswick. I left from Novitiate but have many fond memories spent with the Redemptorists. I am retired and living in Haliburton, Ontario.
  Posted On: December 11, 2016 06:17:01 PM

 Name: Greg Bruyea
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 Comments: Was a student at the college in 1962/63
  Posted On: February 22, 2016 09:16:52 PM

 Name: Dan McGean
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 Comments: Brings back a lot of great memories. Would like to know if any more reunions are planned. I now live in Petawawa.
  Posted On: December 09, 2015 04:52:38 PM

 Name: Webmaster - Mike Follis
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 Comments: Unfortunately,I have just read in the December Community Connections that Fr. Joseph Desmond Scanlan CSsR. has passed onto the Lord to continue his mission with God. My memories of him while I was at St. Mary's as teacher and counselor which he did with understanding and compassion lead me to my life's work. May you rest in peace so richly deserved.
  Posted On: May 11, 2015 10:18:04 AM

 Name: Chris Stanford
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 Comments: Hello all St. Mary's Alumni and Staff.
I was a student at St.Mary's during the years 1957-58. In the school student & staff picture for that year, I am the on the far right, third person from the top (or bottom, there are only five rows on the right end).

I was from Vancouver when I was at St. Mary's and now live in Bangkok, Thailand.

I had maintained contact with the late Fr. Kennedy, our Fr. Socious, and with my classmate, the late Fr. Paul Curtin.

Since I have been living in Bangkok, I have established contact with Fr. Paul Hansen. Fr. Hansen was three years behind me at St. Mary's.

The only other St. Mary's student I recall from my year there is Gerald Bush. He kindly hosted me for a visit to his Montreal-area home in Ville la Salle. I have seen him in several photos on this website.

I would be most happy to hear from any alumni who might remember me and who may wish to catch up on 57 years of life!

Very best wishes to all St. Mary's alumni who may happen on this post.

-Chris Stanford
  Posted On: January 20, 2015 11:37:00 PM

 Name: Michael Follis - Webmaster
 Comments: Fr. Ed Kennedy has passed away.

The following was sent to me by Fr. James Mason

> Dear Confreres & Colleagues,
> Fr. Ed Kennedy died at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton today (Jan. 20th) at around 5 pm, local time. Funeral arrangements are pending; it looks like the funeral will take place next week, but I will be in touch.
> Please keep this wonderful Redemptorist in your prayers, as well as his family.
> In Our Redeemer,
> Fr. Mark
  Posted On: November 09, 2014 11:26:12 PM

 Name: Greg Tomko
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 Comments: Hi.
Searched through the site bringing back memories and faces & names from 1952 to 1957. Left Woodstock novitiate in'58. Currently retired from Rogers Cable TV engineering in Calgary, Alberta
  Posted On: January 25, 2013 03:07:46 PM

 Name: David McGraw
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 Comments: I would like to find any pictures from 1956. I attended St. mary's in '56 and then St. Leo's in Moose Jaw in 1957
  Posted On: January 25, 2013 03:02:05 PM

 Name: David McGraw
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 Comments: I would like to find any pictures from 1956. I attended St. mary's in '56 and then St. Leo's in Moose Jaw in 1957
  Posted On: November 09, 2012 06:33:29 PM

 Name: Webmaster
 Comments: I am sorry to report that I have just found out that Fr. Arthur Connell had passed onto the Lord on September 25,2012 at the Scarborough General Hospital.

May he have peace and be blessed in the presence of his Lord and Saviour who he served so well throughout his life.
  Posted On: May 29, 2011 02:52:22 AM

 Name: dale james
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 Comments: would have enjoyed the reuniou
  Posted On: December 03, 2010 09:40:55 PM

 Name: Bryan M. Geoffrey
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 Comments: Father Ray was always an inspiration and I grieve at his passing
  Posted On: November 03, 2010 08:18:16 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Comments: To give those who read this message board an update.
Father James (Jim) Davis CSsR went to our Lord on October 21, 2010 in St. John's,NL. There is more and detailed information on the Redemptorists website.
  Posted On: July 17, 2010 02:32:42 PM

 Name: Webmaster
 Comments: We can now be found on Facebook at with the group only being open to membership for those who were faculty or former students of St. Mary's. Eventually this will be the link in the future. I must approve anyone who wishes to join the group and can remove anyone as well from thew group.

Mike Follis
  Posted On: June 24, 2010 04:10:37 PM

 Name: Raymond Brost
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 Comments: I attended St. Mary's 1955-58. Brother Bob attended 1953 - 56 and brother Richard 1949-1953. Some of the best years of my life.
  Posted On: June 15, 2010 03:22:30 PM

 Name: Webmaster`
 Comments: Hello all:

I just received the following from Mel Anthony (1968):

Mike, I have just found a publisher for a novel I've been writing and expect it to be 'on shelves' as they say by the end of September. It is a fictional account of a boy who arrives for his first year at a Roman Catholic Preparatory School (I wonder where that idea came from!) and the shenanigans he gets up to there. Royalties (if there are any) will be donated to Christian relief work in Peru. If you could use your webmaster role or other skills you have and I lack to broadcast the news, I'd greatly appreciate it. My email address is

  Posted On: February 27, 2010 10:42:21 AM

 Name: Michael Follis - Webmaster
 Email: michael@smcr
 Comments: Hello all:

I've just put up a link for those who wish to get the 1960 and/or the 1962 to 1968 electronic versions of the Prologue. These are on the Brock's Landing Website at ty/what-was-st-marys-redemptorist-college-1918-1968/st-marys -college-prologues-year-books.

We now have a Facebook Group at f and I am hoping all former students and faculty will join Facebook and this group so we can keep in contact and give you all the updates as well as give you the opportunity for networking with your former confreres.

  Posted On: February 25, 2010 01:48:12 PM

 Name: Michael Follis - Webmaster
 Comments: Hello All:

I've just opened a Facebook Group for St. Mary's Alumni. It can be found at!/group.php?gid=3 62360344201&ref=mf

This group is open only to those who were students or faculty at St. Mary's. Approval will be from me upon my confirming attendance at St. Mary's.
  Posted On: February 08, 2010 10:15:49 PM

 Name: Mike Follis - Webmaster (Class of 1966)
 Email: Michael
 Comments: Hello All:

I have just forwarded an e-mail to those whose email address that I have on the Website with a note attached from Paul Sluyter of Sluyter Investments Inc. This note explains the plans he has for the former St. Mary's/Grenville Christian College now that he has ownership of the property.

Please note that he was a student of Grenville in the late 1970s and is approaching this purchase of the property bearing in mind the usage of the land to date.

If you wish to see the note it is attached on the Site Map to the announcement of the Plans for Brock's Landing as well as the announcement on the Opening Page of the sale of the property.

  Posted On: February 07, 2010 06:13:44 PM

 Name: Miike Follis - Webmaster
 Comments: Hello all:

I have just returned from a presentation at the former St. Mary's College/Grenville Christian College by Paul Sluyter of Sluyter Capital Investments Inc. and his plans for the property. I will shortly put up his presentation to those present.

  Posted On: January 16, 2010 04:05:25 PM

 Name: Tom Marentette
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 Comments: I graduated from St Mary's in 1960.
  Posted On: January 11, 2010 10:51:02 AM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from Neil MacDonald
  Posted On: January 11, 2010 10:47:13 AM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from Bryan Geoffrey



  Posted On: January 09, 2010 03:54:02 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchase by Burnie Thorp
  Posted On: January 05, 2010 11:29:23 AM

 Name: Comments on Purchase by Jim Barnes
 Comments: Just a quick happy new year and hello, Michael. Have stayed away from my computer over the holidays and am just looking at e-mails sent this very moment. Thank you for your update on St. Mary's College. It was considerate of the gentleman to ask for input and a possible alumni involvement. Not sure what artifacts are left and might be worth saving on site or elsewhere. I seem to recall that the Our Lady of the Seaway Shrine would be accessible to the Kingston Archdiocese - but if not, then I think it important that we do something to save that bit of history. Count me in for any such efforts along those lines. As far as other things we would need some type of inventory as to what was being discarded in order to make some judgement as to importance and cost and desirability. Perhaps the church furnishings could be donated to some of our needy missions in Canada. Fr. Pettipas might have some idea of where there is a need. I am retiring from teaching this June so I would have some time to help out in any venture that we as alumni might think feasible. Let me know. Good to hear from you and God's blessings to you and yours in this new year.

Love and Prayers,

Jim Barnes
  Posted On: January 02, 2010 08:58:38 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchas from Joe Muscat
 Comments: Hi Everyone,

Has there been any contact with the Brockville Historical/Heritage
Society? Is there one? Is there a museum in Brockville that might be
interested in some artifacts.?

Failing that, why not invite all alumni from both eras on a specific
day/ wknd to organize an auction
with the proceeds going toward an educational /scholarship /bursary
donation. It might be a way to have a reunion of a different sort with
a worthwhile goal.

Happy New Year to All.

Joe Muscat
St.Mary's 1967/68
  Posted On: January 02, 2010 08:53:36 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from John Madigan
 Comments: Hello Michael
It's neat that Paul Sluyter is even thinking about the heritage value as
this is usually not the case for developers. This is a good intention but
it would need lots of people, time, and money to pull it off. It would be
necessary to have a high level of engagement by the alumni in order to make
this happen. It would take a lot of time and patience. With the alumni of
St Mary's and Grenville so widely scattered across Canada, US, - and
elsewhere - it's unlikely that the interest and commitment could be garnered
to bring this to fruition. Then there would be the matter of
sustainability. Tourists alone cannot sustain a heritage institution; only
the community can. However, it's thoughtful of him to ask.

Jack Madigan
  Posted On: January 02, 2010 08:49:40 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from Mario Cauchi
 Comments: Hi Michael,

So glad to hear from you again. I am sad to hear about the physical
property of old St Mary's which is dear to my heart.

However, what is most important, and which is still there, is the
people and the spirit which made up St Mary's---that will never die.
We would be remiss to forget this and it is my opinion that we still
could have a St Mary's reunion every so many years at another
Redemptorist location and this location could be rotated to make it
easier for all to attend. At the same time a "relic" (some artefact)
from the physical property of old St Mary's could be obtained and
made present at all the reunions as a symbol of what once was. In
life things change and sometimes beyond our control. What is important
is that we be flexible and are able to change with it so that all is
not lost--so that things may even be better.

Yours in Christ Jesus and in the hopefully new spirit of old St Mary's,

Mario Cauchi
  Posted On: January 02, 2010 08:46:35 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from Lou Borean
 Comments: Michael,
I agree with Gerry Pettipas

You should always make time to pray, smile, love, laugh and play".
"Live well, Laugh often, Love much."
  Posted On: January 02, 2010 08:43:12 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from Paul Hansen
 Comments: Mike:

Thanks for this and for being in touch. The property sure has had some major developments, wisdom, scandal and now new life.

HOpe you are having a wonderful start to a New Year. Be and keep well.



"Accompany us then, on this vigil and you will know what it is to dream! You will then know how marvelous it is to live threatened with Resurrection. To dream awake, to keep watch asleep, to live while dying and to already know oneself resurrected!" - Julia Esquivel

Paul E. Hansen
426 St. Germain Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5M 1W7
Tel. 416-789-3217 Ext. 231
Fax. 416-789-9266
  Posted On: January 02, 2010 08:39:10 PM

 Name: Comments on Purchase from Gerald Pettipas
 Comments: Thanks for this update, Mike. Indeed, it would seem that the property will
have a very different future, which we have no control over, and may well
have anticipated. I have no idea how to "archive" the items that Paul
mentions, especially if it entails an outlay of money. I think we have to
"let go of it", and whatever he does is his business.

Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year. Thank you for your labour of
love in mounting the 2003 reunion. It was a fine event which I revisit
often in my memories.

+ Gerry

Most Rev. Gerard Pettipas, C.Ss.R.
Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan
P.O. Box 388
McLennan AB T0H 2L0
Phone 780 324-3002
Fax 780 324-3952
Cell 780 837-0591
  Posted On: June 13, 2009 02:18:37 PM

 Name: John Picco
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 Comments: Hi, I was surfing on the net and found your site. Wonderfull. I attended St. Mary's during the year of 1960 to 1961 and have many fond memories. I met some good friends there. Glen Pierce was one of them, he has contacted me over the years and I was wondering if you had an up to date , address, phone number or email address for him. I tried the ones listed on the web site but get an error when sending. Keep up the good work, best regards and may God Bless. John Picco
  Posted On: January 27, 2009 11:58:01 PM

 Name: Jan Enright
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 Comments: Am seeking information re a priest who was Redemptorist Father Professor at St. Mary's College ... William J. Enright CSSR. Who would I contact for information?
  Posted On: November 15, 2008 01:08:34 PM

 Name: Helen Coxe
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 Comments: I am trrying to find an e-mail address for Patrick Shaw. If possible I would like his address or new phone number.
  Posted On: May 23, 2008 11:41:54 AM

 Name: Don Farnsworth, GCC '76
 Site found through: Word of mouth
 Comments: Hope to get hold of organizers - we may be able to help you with reunion.
  Posted On: April 13, 2008 08:55:45 AM

 Name: John James' wife
 Site found through: Link from another site
 Comments: Hi Michael just wamted to check in to se if anything further has developed with the idea of a reunion for this summer?
  Posted On: April 08, 2008 09:29:59 PM

 Name: Howard Chabot
 Comments: Let's remember in our prayers Fr. David Cottingham CSsR. Father David is a member of the Redemptorist Community in Saskatoon and he has been quite ill for the past few months. We can pray for his well-being and recovery.
  Posted On: March 28, 2008 12:47:19 PM

 Name: jim mason
 Comments: Easter Week Greetings to all.

This week in our lives as students at St. Mary's was an extra special one. Back in 1954 we got to go to Kingston in early April. Three of us hitch hiked in the back of a pick truck owned by a plasterer! By the time we got to Kingston we were - literally - plastered. We ducked into the Cathedral's small wash room near the main entrance and tried to wash off the white stuff. Then took in a movie which we were not supposed to do. It was the 3D House of Wax. At intermission the lights went up and looking around we saw Fr. Leo Rolls sitting a few rows back. We thought the jig was up. However Leo never said a word to anyone and our skins were saved. Leo told me in 1968 when we were together in Sudbury that he saw us but that he also was not supposed to be in a theathre without permission and so kept the whole episode under wraps. Thanks Leo RIP.

Jim Mason

PS: Any updates Mike on the Reunion or sale of Grenville?
  Posted On: October 01, 2007 12:34:49 PM

 Name: Michael Adams
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 Comments: Hi - My father was a student here in the late 1920's. I have been down to see the college and would really like to find out more information about my father's time there. Is there an archive somewhere that I can access? I have only a couple of photos from his time there but nothing else. I see by your website that most of the information comes from the 1950's onward and very little from before that decade.

Much appreciate any info anyone can give.

thanks kindly
Michael Adams - (son of Henry Alexander Adams)
  Posted On: September 21, 2007 04:54:11 PM

 Name: Gord Moorey
 Comments: Michael

Thank you for being the standard bearer for the past 5 years. While I've left few marks behind me, I've been visiting the website regularly. For all the work you have done, Thank you.

I'm going to tell you my thoughts about another or the next reunion.

If I am to attend another reunion it will be where we once grew towards manhood.
It makes no difference to me if its next year or two years hence, a big part of the allure is to once again walk the grounds of St. Mary's. To get together as we were in the memories we carry with us.

The buildings, the grounds will be there in a year's time or some time in the not so distant future. There will be new owners but there is no reason to think they would be averse to allowing us access to it for an alumni celebration.

My recommendation is to let it go for now until such time as there is a definitve answer as to whether or not the new owners would entertain thoughts of us having another reunion.

So a planned postponment would be a different option than abondoning the plan entirely.

Those are my thoughts Michael. I hope to see you again on the shores at St. Mary's.

Gordon Moorey
  Posted On: September 19, 2007 11:26:45 PM

 Name: Mike Follis - Webmaster & 2008 Reunion Coordinator
 Comments: This message is one of sad news.

Unfortunately Grenville College School has closed its doors as of July 30, 2007. The buildings and property have been evaluated and placed up for sale.

This means that the Reunion planned for next summer is in jeopardy. At this time there is no site for this Reunion and I am soliciting advice as to a place to hold the Reunion of 2008. I am also in the hunt for assistance in this endeavour particularily for someone who lives in the area or the locale for the holding of the Reunion.

The choice given for the dates of the Reunion was to hold it in mid August.

I will remove the countdown clock for the Reunion 2008 from the Website as of the end of October if the Reunion a place for it to be held has not been found.
  Posted On: July 17, 2007 05:23:24 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Comments: I want to bring it to the attention of those who attended St. Mary's in the late '50s and early '60s of the passing of Vincent Lutz. He was in traffic accident June 11, 2007 that resulted in his demise. He was buried in Reno, NV with his brother.

This information was posted on another Website ( by his widow Carol to whom he was married for 31 years. She may be contacted at if you wish to extend your condolences.

Below is an edited copy of the e-mail Carol sent me through


I am Vinces wife of 31 yrs and 9 months. I wish I had checked the e-mail when you 1st sent it because he would have enjoyed receiving it. But, on June 11th, 2007 Vince was killed in an accident while driving to Las Vegas. He had a career with USAirways as an Aircraft Maintenance Inspector. Until as times changed he with so many others was forced to retire earlier than planned. He then began a career as a CDL truck driver. He was delivering Milk from a large dairy in Buckeye AZ and did not make it home on June 11. We had 3 children and have 4 grandchildren. After his graduation in Canada Vince went to Detroit and joined the US Air Force. I met and married him in Las Vegas in 1975. Good luck and happiness to you and those you love and to your other classmates of St. Mary's Redemptorist College.

Carol Lutz (Rose) - Banning HS 1964
  Posted On: July 14, 2007 10:20:28 AM

 Name: jim mason
 Comments: This summer some CSsRs are celebrating anniversaries. Emmanuel Demerah, grad of SMC 1951, is celebrating his 50th of ordination.

Father Albert Stoeckel, CSsR, grad SMC 1931, is celebrating his 70th of ordination and 75th of profession. He preached the SMC students retreat in September 1951.

Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, CSsR, received the Pallium from Pope Benedict, along with 40 other Archbishops, including 5 from Canada, on June 29th - feasts of Sts Peter and Paul.

Tony Bidgood, CSsR was ordained to the priesthood on April 14th at St. Teresa's in St. John's by Archbishop Gerard Pettipas.

John Corkery, CSsR, age 88, died this past January 23rd. John was stationed at St. Pat's in London and St. Pat's, Quebec. City.

Good summer eeze to one and all. jim mason
  Posted On: July 14, 2007 10:02:19 AM

 Name: Jim Mason
 Comments: Announcing the IV Redemptorist History Conference - celebrating the 175th anniversary of Redemptorists in North America to be held October 1 to 5 at the Redemptorist Retreat Centre in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. All welcome. Email Jim Mason for Brochure with details.
  Posted On: July 01, 2007 10:35:54 PM

 Name: Mike Follis - Webmaster & 2008 Reunion Coordinator
 Comments: Well it is time that I get busy with the planning for the 2008 Reunion.

To do this I require some information and that is dealing with possible dates or preferences for dates.

At this time my leaning is for the weekend of August 15, 16, & 17 with a second possibility being July 19, 20, & 21. I am unavailable the weekend of August 8, 9, & 10 as these are the dates of the 2008 RONA MS Ottawa to Kemptville Bike Tour and I am the Route Coordinator of this event.

Will you please e-mail me with your preference or alternative dates by clicking on my e-mail address above in this message.

Thank you.

Mike Follis
  Posted On: January 29, 2007 06:57:23 PM

 Name: Frank Belanger
 Comments: Just returned from Grande Prairie..had a phenomenol time at Gerry's installation as Archbishop of Grouard-McLennan. What a welcoming community of people who shuttled us, billeted us, fed us and bent over backward to make everyone's time there something to remember. Gerry and the community as a whole made me feel like family. It was very obvious how much repect and love they have for Gerry. There had to be at least a five minute standing ovation for him which showed their support and dedication to his was awesome...there are no other words to describe the moment..Here is the website for the photographers pictures, which are not all online yet. Sincerly Frank
  Posted On: January 18, 2007 06:17:08 PM

 Name: Frank Belanger
 Comments: Hi everyone, and a Very Happy New Year!!Isn't is just great to have Reverend Gerry Pettipas, another student from SMC/HRC be given the Papal Blessing as an Archbishop.
I am very exited to be going out for Gerry's Consecration and Installation to be held on January 25th. Leaving from Toronto Jan.23 and returning Jan.27th, so I look forward to seeing any of you who may be attending the celebrations. Please note the CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS. Have a great day...Frank

I am going out for
  Posted On: December 23, 2006 10:41:05 AM

 Name: Peter Cudahy
 Comments: Just checking to see if there is a date for the 2008 yet. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  Posted On: November 30, 2006 01:11:21 PM

 Name: Mike Follis - The Webmaster
 Comments: As received from Fr. Howard Chabot:

VATICAN CITY, NOV 30, 2006 (VIS) - The Holy Father:

- Appointed Fr. Gerard Pettipas C.Ss.R., pastor of St. Joseph in Grand Prarie, Alberta, Canada, as archbishop of Grouard-McLennan (area 224,596, population 120,530, Catholics 47,028, priests 14, permanent deacons 2, religious 23), Canada. The archbishop-elect was born in Halifax, Canada, in 1950 and ordained a priest in 1977. He succeeds Archbishop Arthe Guimond, whose resignation from the pastoral care of the same archdiocese, the Holy Father accepted, upon having reached the age limit.

This Archdiocese includes Mackenzie-Fort Smith and Whitehorse.
  Posted On: November 11, 2006 12:41:58 PM

 Name: Jim Mason CSsR
 Comments: Today, November 11, Fr. Alphonsus Thomas died in Providence Centre. Born on July 6, 1920 in Quebec City, professed Aug 2, 1939 and ordained on June 18, 1944. Fr. Thomas taught Moral Theology in Woodstock and Windsor, was Rector & Pastor at Assumption and worked dilgently on hundreds of annulments, most in the Toronto area. He was Provincial from 1972 to 1975. He had gone from St. Pat's in Providence Centre during the summer. Funeral Mass and burial not yet set. RIP
  Posted On: November 11, 2006 12:34:45 PM

 Name: Jim Mason
 Comments: Some of you may not have heard that Tom Callaghan died on September 20, 2006 at home in Calgary after a long illness. Born on July 25, 1929, professed on August 2, 1950, ordinaed in 1955 and dispensed from the priesthood and vows in 1970. Tom & Colleen had two children, Vincent & Stephanie. Tom was created immediately and his one and only funeral took place at St. Pat's in Toronto on October 28th, Fr Michael Brehl, CSsR celebrating. Tom was laid to rest in Belleville, his hometown.
  Posted On: September 28, 2006 09:59:43 PM

 Name: Mike Follis - The Webmaster
 Comments: Hello All who visit this page:

I have added on the Site Map at a new page.

This Page is entitled "Photos from the early 60's" showing pictures that Dan Mullaly gave me to view and copy. He had over 100 and I chose those that I believed would be most memorable and have posted them.

If there are others out there that you might send me either as harcopy (I'll take extremely good care of them before I return them) or send electronically I would be only too glad to add them to the Website.


Mike Follis
  Posted On: September 20, 2006 03:06:55 PM

 Name: Jim Mason CSsR
 Comments: Tom Callaghan died in Calgary on September 14th, 2006. Tom taught at St. Mary's, worked as a CSsR in Toronto, was dispensed in 1970 and married Colleen the same year. They had two children, Vincent and Stephanie. Tom was creamated.

There will be a Mass of Christian Burial with the cremains present at St.Pat's on McCaul Street in Toronto on October 28th at 1 P.M. Burial will be in the fmily plot in Belleville, ON. There is a nice tribute to Tom at check September 20th under a Tribute to Thomas P. Callaghan. RIP
  Posted On: April 14, 2006 09:47:30 AM

 Name: Jim Mason CSsR
 Comments: Easter Tridiuum 2006

Perhaps the most intense religious moments of our times at St. Mary\'s came during these days of Holy thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Even before Vatican II we enjoyed much participation in the cermonies of Holy Week from many choir practices, to Tenebrae, to the adoration of the Cross on Good Friday, to the joyful scriptures and wonderful hymns of Easter Sunday. And, of course, the end of what was always a rugged experience, Lent.

I hope and pray that this Eastertime you will all rejoice in your lives as celebrated now and that the blessings of the Risen Lord and New Life will refresh your hopes and enliven your joys.

Happy & Blessed Easter,

jim mason, cssr
  Posted On: February 17, 2006 10:47:05 AM

 Name: Gord Moorey
 Comments: What\'s happening? There must be some changes out there. Every once in a while I check back to the mesage boardto see if there are any additions. Rarely are there any. So, rather than be disappointed than seeing nothing new I am going to try to generate some interest by getting contributors (us) to add a personal note once in a while. - To that end I ask, who\'s retired in the past 12 mos? Who has moved? Have you seen any one else from the college recently? W5? Best wishes Gord.
  Posted On: January 24, 2006 10:24:38 AM

 Name: Lorne Raymond
  Posted On: January 20, 2006 02:51:13 PM

 Name: Mel Anthony
 Site found through: Word of mouth
 Comments: Mike: just a note to give you my NEW e-mail address... Keep up the good work on the cite... Mel
  Posted On: December 31, 2005 01:22:16 PM

 Name: Paul
 Email: Bruyneel
 Site found through: Internet search
 Comments: I attended St. Marys for one year 59/60. I remember my friends Bob Fleming and Gerry McNorgan. Does anyone here from them

  Posted On: December 30, 2005 12:42:33 PM

 Name: Michael Follis
 Comments: This is to inform all that Robert Charette (Class of 1969) past away a week before Christmas. His funeral mass was held at Our Lady of Sorrows in Petawa, ON. This news was passed to me by Fr. Howard Chabot who is retired in Westmeath, ON.
  Posted On: December 15, 2005 05:57:43 AM

 Name: jim mason cssr
 Comments: Greetings all,

Here's a prayer for a blessed Christmas for all of you and yours 'out there'. May these holydays refresh your lives and give rise to new hopes for 2006.

jim mason cssr
  Posted On: November 09, 2005 10:10:09 AM

 Name: jim mason
 Comments: Just another note on deaths - Fr. Len "Big Fitz" Fitzgerald, brother of Fr. Ray (Little Fitz), died in Edmonton. Big Fitz as he was known to all CSsRs was 92. He was a gentle-man of the first class and wonderful priest. Spent his life in the West in the mountains and valleys of the Caribou and Kootenays. Loved it all passionately. Was on Marriage Encounter teams for many years and inspired all who encountered him.Came from St. Odilio, east of Quebec City and not far from Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent's summer home (actually maternal home). The village was called, what else? St. Patrice! Big Fitz graduated from SMC in the early 30s.

Also Fr. Art Alexander died unexpectedly on Sunday, November 6th in Saint John. Art graduated from SMC in the late 40s, taught philosophy in both Woodstock and Windsor and in the mid seventies joined the diocese of Saint John where he was a pastor in several parishes. Another one of those parish priests we'd all love to have as our pastor.

jim mason, cssr
  Posted On: November 06, 2005 01:19:54 PM

 Name: jim mason
 Comments: About a month ago Hugo Loran, St. Mary's grad from around 1951, died while driving his motorcycle accident in Salmon Arm BC. Hugo taught at Holy Redeemer College in Edmonton, received his dispensation, married with family, taught high school and retired a few years back to Salmon Arm. He was the middle boy of the three Lorans who went to Brockville. Bill (1953), the oldest is married with family, is a retired school principal, active in the CSsR parish of St. Mary's and lives in the old home town of Saskatoon. Tom (@1956), the youngest, was married with family, spent his life in media, and died a few years back.
  Posted On: November 06, 2005 08:32:05 AM

 Name: jim mason cssr
 Comments: Fr. Joseph Owens, CSsR, died on Sunday, October 30th in Providence Centre, Toronto, age 97. Graduated Brockville @ 1927. For more than 45 years he taught at the Pontifical Medieval Institute, St. Michael's University, Toronto. Also taught at St. Alphonsus seminary in Woodstock and Holy Redemmer College in Windsor. Split his summers at Brockville and Saint John. A great scholar, a quiet, humble man, and a lover of his summer times at Chapel Grove outside Saint John NB, his hometown.
  Posted On: September 16, 2005 05:15:08 PM

 Name: Lew Cummings
 Site found through: Link from another site
 Comments: Just wanted to update my long search for Joe Muscat!
As mentioned earlier, I had typed in Saint Marys College, just on a whim from one of those pop up ads that asks if you are interested in seeing your old clasmates.
I was quite surprised when the Saint Mary's poped up & there were a number of classmates registered!
After registering myself, I received an email from Mike Follis who told me about the 2003 reunion & directed me to this website.
Was I ever surprised to see all my classmates and in particular Joe Muscat who was a very close friend. In fact, Joe, Jerry Lee & I spent almost all our time together. There was a movie recently called "Stand By Me" that outlined a certain period of life of a a group of young boys in their teen years & this brought back a flood of memories for me of my time in Brockville!
My wife Anne & I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Joe & his wife Cathy last week in Toronto.I felt it was like yesterday!....even though it was 38 years later! We enjoyed their generous and warm hospitality and only wish that it had happened years earlier.
Just wanted to share this special occasion with those who read the message board!!

Lew Cummings
  Posted On: July 13, 2005 02:11:01 PM

 Name: Sue O'Sullivan Baker
 Site found through: Internet search
 Comments: Hi,
Was somehow reviewing some old documents and noticed that a cousin, now passed, was actually a circulation editor at one time for the Madonna magaine? If you have any notes re: Brother Mike O'Sullivan would love to have you share them with us. We kne Father Tim and Father Dan perhaps a litlle better than Brother Mike.
Brother Mike was also a Baker!
Thanks so much!
Wonderful Site!!
  Posted On: January 08, 2005 04:56:00 PM

 Name: Suzanne Priest
 Site found through: Link from another site
 Comments: I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE KNEW MY BROTHER-IN LAW Robert A.Wiley who was studing to be a redemptist priest in the 60's. He was recently killed in an accident in Mass, on Dec,21st 2004. If you knew him leave a message on the board my e-mail is down.
  Posted On: November 29, 2004 10:51:41 PM

 Name: David McGraw
 Site found through: Internet search
 Comments: Contact anyone from 54-56
  Posted On: November 28, 2004 09:06:20 PM

 Name: David McGraw
 Site found through: Internet search
 Comments: I attended St. Mary's in the late 1950's. I am now Associate Laboratory Director at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. I report to a Nobel Laurete and feel that my experience at St. Mary's saved my life. I am looking forward to coming to the 2008 reunion.
I would love to find Andy Basky.
  Posted On: August 03, 2004 01:46:38 PM

 Name: Neil McDonald
 Site found through: Internet search
 Comments: I attended SMC from '53 - '55. Originally from Nfld., I now live in Ottawa. This site is much appreciated.
  Posted On: July 24, 2004 09:22:44 PM

 Name: Vic Cowie
 Site found through: Internet search
 Comments: What a great find. I attended St. Mary's in 53/54 & 54/55. Grades 9 & 10.
I have visited Grenville Christian College several times over the years and done the nostalgic tour. It is good to see after all these years who went on to ordination and see the lists of some old classmates.
Thank God for this website.
Vic Cowie
  Posted On: May 25, 2004 05:37:58 PM

 Name: Gerry Bennett
 Comments: Now there's a trip back in time.I just typed in the words Saint Mary's College on a whim and got this site.Some of you haven't changed a bit.Others.....
By the way if memory serves me correctly I still owe Chris Rastin $5.00.

  Posted On: May 03, 2004 11:09:40 AM

 Name: Joe Antle
 Site found through: Word of mouth
 Comments: It is great that someone has taken the initiative to do this, my congratulations on the great web-site
  Posted On: February 17, 2004 10:49:34 AM

 Name: Glen Pierce
 Site found through: Word of mouth
 Comments: Just arrived after being unable to locate under former address. Big Brother set me onto the new location. Hello to anyone who may remember me from 1960-64. Have enjoyed the visits to this site and learning how former fellow students have journeyed. My wife calls it my obsession. Thanks again Mike for everything you had to do with creating this virtual community. Who would have thought back then that someday we could connect in this way? Perhaps Teilhard de Chardin's Noosphere is happening as I type. In my opinion the key is in that space between memory and fantasy. May the force be with you! Glen Pierce
  Posted On: February 16, 2004 05:04:09 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Email: mike@smcr
 Comments: Check out the new Website for the Redemptorists of the Edmonton-Toronto Province at
  Posted On: November 09, 2003 02:18:58 PM

 Name: Lew Cummings
 Site found through: Accidently
 Comments: A Voice from the Past!

I have just received a message from Joe Muscat & I'm thrilled! Hopefully we will meet in the near future. I was out of town on business when my wife advised me that a letter had come from was on my mind constantly, particularly on the 4 hour return trip by car!

Mike Follis has also sent me a CD of all the photos ...I intend to sit back & enjoy!

This contact sure has brought back a rush of memories...I remember....
the bowl of peanut butter & brown sugar every morning;...the bell at 6:20 am;... the weekly assignment bulletin board outside the Chapel;...the prayer that had to be said in the morning before we could talk at breakfast;...suppers at the shore; chocolate from soup bowls after a hockey game; ...picking apples & potatoes;...long treks thru the woods;...; snaring rabbits;...endless hours of swimming...& so much more!...I could go on for hours

I have really enjoyed the site!


Lew Cummings
  Posted On: October 23, 2003 02:43:21 PM

 Name: Richard Girouard
 Comments: Just received CD.
Another great job.
It must have been a lot of work but it turned out perfect.
  Posted On: October 22, 2003 11:58:59 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Comments: Hi to All Visitors:

I have just completed mailing out the CD of the Reunion images as promised last July. The 450 images are the best of the 1000+ that I eventually accumulated. They have been edited and improved if I was able to do so. The compilation was put together in my attempt to cover the whole weekend remaining faithful to the timeline of the events.

I hope you enjoy the CD. It was fun putting it together.
  Posted On: October 17, 2003 07:00:33 PM

 Name: Lew Cummings
 Site found through: Accidently
 Comments: Greetings to all!

I was surprised beyond words when I accidently discovered that Saint Mary's was included in the former classmates software! .... and to see that there was a reunion ....fantastic! Unfortunatly, I was unaware of such an event as I would have tried my best to be there....I was looking at the pictures though & had a wonderful time seeing old classmates!......for years , as I went to Toronto on business trips, I would telephone all the Muscats in the telephone book in search of Joe...I eventually gave up , but to see his picture brought back many fond memories of the great times we spent together!
.....and all my other classmates as well!

will be in touch


Lew Cummings 1964 - 1967
Grades 10 - 12
  Posted On: October 07, 2003 01:05:15 PM

 Name: Joe James
 Site found through: Referral
  Posted On: September 30, 2003 10:29:55 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Comments: Jim Mason was kind enough to send me student body photos for the following years that he had in the archives.


I have posted those from the 50's and 60's on the Website.

If in your review of past years have come across the class photos for the years that are missing he would appreciate having the opportunity to get them and copy them for the archives.

Please help him out if you can.
  Posted On: September 13, 2003 09:14:54 AM

 Name: jim mason cssr
 Comments: Reunioners,

Jim Mason here, archivist for the Redemptorists. I'm trying to fill in some spots in our archives for both Scholacta & Prologue. If anyone had a copy of any of the following that you are willing to part with I would appreciate receiving these missing copies. So as not to receive multiple copies I will put a message on our message board saying who is donating which copies.


Issues needed:

Any issue of Scholacta from 1952, 1953 or 1954.
Issues 1, 2 or 4 of 1955
Issues 1,2,3 of 1956
All issues of 1957
All issues of 1958
All issues of 1959
Issues 1,3,4 of 1960
All issues of 1961
All issues of 1962
All issues of 1963
Issue 7 of 1964
Issue 6 of 1965
Issue 3 of 1966
All issues of 1967
All issues of 1968


I'm not sure in what year Prologue began. I have copies for each year from 1960 to 1968. I put out the following:

Years needed:

Any copies from 1959 backwards.

Thanks again for coming to the Reunion. We are working on putting out a Dictionary of Redemptorist biogrpahies for English Canada. It may be a few years yet before we have completed it. I'll keep you informed.

jim mason cssr
  Posted On: August 25, 2003 09:09:44 AM

 Name: Jim Mason CSsR
 Site found through: Referral
 Comments: Greetings,

I was amazed at the amount of memorabilia that appeared at our July Reunion at Grenville. As Archvist for the CSsR I'm always interested in adding to our collection. If you have memorbilia that you would like to contribute to our Redemptorist Archives relating to Brockvile, Novitiate. Woodstock or Holy Redeemer Windsor I would truly appreciate receiving it.

If your have some M from those places that you want to keep I would appreciate a loan of it so we can copy it for the archives. We will care for it, as good archivists do, copy it and return it to your promptly.

If you have some doubts or questions please phone us at 416-789-3217 asking for M.C. Havey (our Assistant Archivist) or myself, or leave a Voice Mail message. The Archives are open beginning the first week of school.

Gratitude to all who came and made the weekend such a great time of renewal and good spirit.

Jim Mason CSsR
426 St. Germain Ave
Toronto ON M5M 1W7
  Posted On: July 30, 2003 11:44:32 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Comments: Website is being updated and has a new Index Page, and a new Site Map. Links have been added for those wanting addresses just check the Lists of Former Students.

Participants in the July 11 -13 Reunion will be found on the Autobiographies Pages that are organized by years.

Anyone who attended the Reunion or not who wishes to send me their Autobiography, please do so to have it added to the Website. Pictures are good too.
  Posted On: July 30, 2003 01:04:45 PM

 Name: Gord Moorey
 Comments: Jim,
When you get the cd that Mike is going to send each of us it will have all of the pictures on it. You can then take this cd into a photoshop and print any pictures you want on Kodak paper and the quality will be great. The dpi's won't show. (dots per inch) As well you'll be able to amke them any size you like. The cost for snapshot sizes is around .30.
  Posted On: July 29, 2003 11:45:18 PM

 Name: Mario Cauchi
 Comments: That was one of the most moving weekends of my life. I had to struggle to hold back tears of happiness frequently. Singing the Redemptorist's song was especially moving. It was so good to be with such a happy bunch of men!It was so amazing to see old friends again(well not that old).It was amazing to see how quickly old bonds were re-established after all those years. The St. Mary's spirit is obviously still alive--such a powerful spirit---now I know why it was such an important part of my roots--and still is such an important part of me.

Ave Maria! and
Thanks be to God!

Mario Cauchi
  Posted On: July 28, 2003 12:35:04 PM

 Name: bob brine
 Site found through: Referral
 Comments: Great weekend in every respect! Terrific to able to stay at the College, activities and flexibility of schedule excellent, meals were great, soiree was fabulous, church services were inspiring, the low cost was unbelievable, and the company was phenomenal! ONE MAJOR COMPLAINT -- I am once again, after all these years, re-addicted to peanut butter and brownsugar sandwiches!!
  Posted On: July 19, 2003 03:54:22 PM

 Name: Mike Follis
 Comments: Correcting:

The final numbers at the Reunion were as follows:

Number of Participants - 100

Former students ( includes the two former staff who were former students) - 63

Wives & Significant Others - 33

Children - 5

Thanks to all who attended and took part. It was a wonderful weekend, full of good memories I hope for all, seeing and greeting old friends.

Hopefully I'll see you all again in Five years and there will be more in attendance. I'll keep looking for those who we have yet to find and with your help maybe we'll find them all.

Thanks again for a great weekend.

  Posted On: July 16, 2003 08:21:32 PM

 Name: Brenda Robichaud
 Site found through: Referral
 Comments: Such a lovely website & wonderful photos. It sounds like the reunion was a great success. My interest is through my brother-in-law Paul Kennedy. I know he and his wife, my sister Judy, truly enjoyed the event.
Congratulations to all the organizers. Job well done and greatly appreciated